Another step towards fascism — Israeli parliament forms “committee of persecution”

Haaretz reports:

The Knesset plenum voted Wednesday to establish a parliamentary panel of inquiry to investigate left-wing Israeli organizations that allegedly participate in delegitimization campaigns against Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

The initiative, brought forth by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu faction, called primarily to investigate the sources of funding for these groups. The panel will essentially be charged with looking into where these groups have been attaining their funds, particularly whether this money is coming from foreign states or even organizations deemed to be involved in terrorist activities.

The knesset’s approval of the proposal comes after Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein ruled in August that no investigation should be launched against such groups. The initiative has been met with anger from both the opposition and human rights groups.

The discussion at the Knesset on Wednesday was charged, filled with heckling and interruptions. A significant number of security guards were on hand to prevent physical altercations between the opposing members of Knesset.

MK Fania Kirshenbaum (Yisrael Beiteinu ), who submitted the proposal, alleged during the debate that the groups targeted for investigation were to blame for foreign actions aimed at delegitimizing Israel and its officials.

“These groups provide material to the Goldstone commission [which investigated the Gaza war] and are behind the indictments lodged against Israeli officers and officials around the world,” Kirshenbaum said, referring to a series of arrest warrants issued over the last few years.

“They are trying to silence the very people who administrate the State of Israel’s foreign relations,” she declared. “These organizations are responsible for branding IDF soldiers as war criminals and encourage defamations.”

In her presentations, Kirshenbaum singled out one group which she claimed went into local Israeli schools to convince pupils that “joining the IDF is unethical” and to advise them how to dodge conscription. A panel of inquiry, said Kirshenbaum, would investigate just who was in charge of the bodies providing these Israeli groups with financial assistance.

While Yisrael Beiteinu had garnered a majority in favor of the proposal before it was brought to vote, the matter raised the ire of human rights groups and left-wing politicians alike.

Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz called the initiative “a shame on the Knesset”, declaring Tuesday that: “The persecution campaign against human rights and citizens rights groups has reached a new low.”

The purpose of such a committee was essentially to silence criticism, Horowitz said, a move that should be seen as, “a brutal act of political persecution using a coalition majority and Knesset funding, under the legal guise of an investigation committee.”

“Human rights and citizens rights group save the honor of Israel in the world and maintain its character as a democratic state,” Horowitz said. “It is moves like that being led by Yisrael Beiteinu that lead to Israel’s delegitimization in the world and present Israeli democracy as fake. All to whom Israeli democracy is dear must oppose this committee of persecution.”

Sixteen human rights groups signed an open letter protesting the initiative, including ACRI, B’Tselem, Yesh Din, Machsom Watch, Adalah, Mossawa Center, Ir Amim and Hotline for Migrant Workers.

“Investigate us all, we have nothing to hide. You are invited to read our reports and our publications. We will be happy if for a change you relate in a germane way to our questions instead of trying to besmirch us. It did not work in the past and it will not work this time,” the letter said.

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3 thoughts on “Another step towards fascism — Israeli parliament forms “committee of persecution”

  1. DE Teodoru

    The cowards who never had the balls to stand and fight, excusing themselves as “victims,” now seek to masculine-ize as old farts by behaving exactly like the oppressors they feared. Some Israelis had developed a certain swagger and brashness that some found overwhelming, causing them to shrink in the face of such Israelis. But I always saw that as the behavior of an assured “kept” on American welfare society, supplied incredibly illegitimate weapons with which to massacre neighboring civilians. Israel and Afrikaner South Africa secretly developed nuclear arms together on the basis of a shared racism: we the little minorities are better because we’re “CHOSEN”– both feeling that way about themselves propagandized through reading of the same primitive Biblical babble. Now some secular Jews– who were distinguished form other REAL Jews in Russian by being informers and collaborators with both the secret police and corruption of the Soviet system– are in charge of Israel ever since two bit crook Senator Henry Jackson and his crew of aerospace and strategic weapons whores inserted into Soviet-American nuclear negotiations the Soviet Jewry Inc’s “let my people go” campaign. Zionism’s sole purpose in that campaign was to get Jews out so they would populate the very Israel that was hemorrhaging Israelis who came to think themselves as too good for the Zionist dream so they sought refuge in the West upon finishing university in Israel.

    To Zionism’s chagrin, most of the Soviet Jews expected to populate the ever expanding “land of the Jews”– like most Diasporic Jews– didn’t ever think of Israel as worth their while. They sought refuge in America, coming in by about a million more than in Israel. Others without such luck settled for Israel, some to become today’s ZIONAZIS.

    Please, please, realize that so long as Likud and the ex-Soviets rule Israel, supported by the Haredi parasites, Israel will never be a normal nation, spiraling instead into ever greater Zionazi madness. So long as we give it a blank check it will evolve ever more into a Zionazi nation, like that which the early “Revisionist” Zionists, who admired Hitler despite his anti-Semitism, dreamed of, disregarding the warnings from German Jews as the ravings of “Yekes.”

    It has been said that an ideology goes from MOVEMENT to BUSINESS to RACKET. And so it is with Zionism…except that when a racket takes political form it becomes a totalitarian regime. The Likud Mafia now rules Israel together with the ex-Soviets now hope to create enough anti-Semitism abroad through the demands they make on Diaspora Jews—insisting they act as a Fifth Column—not to speak of the treatment they impose of Israelis and Palestinians– so as to force all the prosperous Jews shining like stars in the Diaspora—where they shine and are fully appreciated—drawing them into their Mideast black hole, Israel, where they will be fleeced.

    The campaign to force Obama to release traitor-spy Pollard– whose stolen secrets were exchanged by the Israeli government with the Soviets for release of Soviet Jews who could serve Israel’s secret nuclear establishment– is designed to create the anti-Semitism in America needed to stampede Diaspora Jews into their black hole regime to support their arms sales economy.

  2. Norman

    I think you left out one other important fact, that the American Jews who support Israel today financially, do so for both side, which then begs to answer to what will those in Israel do about that? Denounce them? Wage war upon them? Remember, the youth will inherit the elders wealth, and they are speaking out against what they see as a disaster in the making.

  3. Renfro

    The entire concept and goal of Zionism, from it’s begining, is and was insane.
    There is no other way to describe it.
    To return Jews to a place they inhabited for less time than any others? Insane.
    To displace and kill another people and take their land to do it? Insane.
    To spend trillions upon trillions of US and world money for this? Insane.
    To allow an Israeli slo mo genocide of Palestine because Hilter killed Jews? Insane.
    To have US politicans pledge alleigence to a foreign country? Insane.
    It’s all totally, completely insane.

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