The Israeli equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag

Yossi Gurvitz writes:

The decision taken by the Knesset plenum yesterday, to create a parliamentary investigative committee for “the phenomenon of de-legitimization of the IDF in the world on the part of Israeli organization”, has nothing whatsoever to do with an investigation. Israel has investigative procedures: if there’s a suspicion of a crime, either the police or the GSS investigate it, and transfer the information they gather to the prosecution, which then decides if an indictment is in order; then the courts have their say – admittedly, all too often sounding suspiciously like the prosecution.

What the Knesset did yesterday was de-legitimizing of a political camp; an accusation of treason by one camp of another, masquerading as an investigation. The process was amazing: a few days ago, Faina Kirshenbaum, an MK of Yisrael Beitenu, tabled her motion, and it reached the Plenum with lightning speed. The person responding to Kirshenbaum’s motion on behalf of the government was Danny “The Chair” Ayalon, the deputy Foreign Minister and a member of Kirshenbaum’s party, who, displaying a rare height of cynicism, accused the left organizations of “trying to undermine Israeli democracy”. There was just one minor problem with Ayalon’s speech: As Minister Michael Eithan noted in shock and disgust (Hebrew), Ayalon had no business representing the government since it did not debate the issue and made no decision about it. But Eithan’s legalistic nitpicking belongs to a bygone era, the one before the “Second Zionist Revolution”, led by Avigdor Liberman and his pawns.

The Speaker of the Knesset, Rubi Rivlin, one of the last dew pillars of democracy in the current Knesset, savaged (Hebrew) the decision – supported by the right wing parties, but also by three Kadima MKs – and called it a show trial. And which voice is missing? Which dog did not bark? The voice of Binyamin Netanyahu, whose government did not debate Kirshenbaum’s decision yet supported it, and that of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and president, Shimon Peres. Apparently they had nothing to say.

What we saw last night was a final breaking of the rules of the games, the use of an investigation for the persecution of political rivals, the Israeli equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag. That, as may be recalled, was not just the torching of a physical building, but the excuse used by the revolutionary right to politically persecute their rivals, including elected deputies of the left parties (and, a few weeks later, also of the more moderate right wing parties). The taunting of the brownshirts of their rivals was reflected in MK Danny Danon’s victory chant yesterday: “You, my colleagues on the left, should hear today the words of the song: ‘sometimes the party is over’”. (Inarticulateness in the original).

And, yes: the democracy party in Israel is over. People who still mistakenly think Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East” should be informed this title is no longer relevant. One doubts whether Ayalon, Kirshenbaum, Danon and the rest understand just how much aid they provide to the de-legitimization of Israel, but the process ought to be completed: finish off the legitimacy of the Zionist regime and the Liberman-Ayalon government. No loyalty must be shown to such a regime, if we hope to salvage something of what used to be Israel. If Israel is to live, the Zionist regime must pass away. This must be said everywhere, but particularly outside of Israel. As a long series of fascist regimes – from Italy through Germany to the Serbia of Milosevic – the people living under such regimes cannot save themselves, cannot wake out of the nightmare on their own, but require a strong external intervention. Since most Israelis love hating leftists, but love their vacations in Europe and their consumerism even more, let’s hope some heavy duty economical sanctions will do the job.

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7 thoughts on “The Israeli equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag

  1. Norman

    So will the West boycott Israel? Or will they join in being party to Apartheid? It seems to take so long, before the West initiates any response to any country that engages in such. In the meantime, people suffer, die, or escape. Those who can, live under regime which resorts to harsh ugly methods to control the people. Perhaps now the question should be asked; how long will the Arab Muslim countries put up with it? As the motion to the U.N. Security Council of Palestinian statehood @ the 1967 borders come up, will the U.S. act as a lackey of Israel, or will they finely cut the ties? I think these next 2 years will perhaps tell the tale, considering the madness that’s taking place both in Israel & the U.S. Governments.

  2. eddy mason

    Norman, I don’t think it will take two years.
    The destruction of Israel that is taking place from within is not just ‘going to happen’ as an eventual consequence of the direction the country is taking. It is going to be a direct process that is being driven by the zionist nutters who have taken over the government and have an agenda to remove democracy because it ‘slows them down’.
    That process is being accelerated by the population who do not see what is happening because they are blinded by their belief that there are no other options available. They believe their own bullshit and their paranoia knows no bounds!
    And the lack of response to this inevitable destructive process from the ‘world’ is also a result of blindness to the reality that will be Israel in the future.

  3. Nachum

    How different is Yossi Gurvitz’ statement, “If Israel is to live, the Zionist regime must pass away” from the correct translation of the famous Ahmadinejad’s statement, “The Zionist regime will fade from the pages of history” (not, as neocons say, “will be wiped off the map”)?. Both statements reflect the perspective that a repressive regime, whether it represses views from the left or the rights of Palestinians in and out of Israel, is simply not sustainable over time, and will eventually collapse.
    Ahmadinejad has also repeatedly stated that he would accept any agreement (with Israel) that all Palestinians would vote to approve, which also points to some kind of future sustainable arrangement.

  4. DE Teodoru

    Such a shame that a nation based on the Jewish Ethic should have become a Soviet State!

    Israel should well be the good shepherd leading the Muslims out of their plight. It is, afterall, family and has proven itself in its best moments of Jewishness the beloved teacher who brings the best out of youths, especially non-Jews. So what have the Palestinians, the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Lebanese done to make this Jewish trait– teacher– so absent in the Israeli-Arab relationship so very absent in these times?

    The answer is that those who lead Israel look to domination of the region through strangle hold influence over the Western World. Why? Because their Zionism stemmed from their desire for assimilation. Recall that Herzl baptized his son and pleaded with the Pope that he baptizes all Jews to make them “legitimate.” Only when spurned by both Christians and Jews did he turn to Zionism– a “homeland” for Jews where ALL Jews MUST go to become real mensch. Their schizoid madness was not caused by Judaism and Christianity but by their AC/DC attitude toward which they really are. The psychotic essence is trying to have it both ways with opposites. But truth is that Jews the whole world over can experience BOTH in the West– EVERYWHERE– except in Israel which defines itself as ONE ONLY, OBLIGATE homeland of the Jews.

    Here it is, 63 years the NATION of the Jews, and most Jews feel no attraction to it, other than as an oddity or relic to visit. In the meantime, the Muslims who forever weakened themselves slitting eachother’s throats are coming to a rational accommodation with eachother. When Israel deliberately massacred Lebanese civilians BEYOND its HAMAS and Hezbollah enemies in hope that the victims would blame HAMAS and Hezbollah for their plight, resistance came from both united against the killer from the air, amazing the Arab world as they pushed back Israel’s death machine on the ground.

    This has caused loss of confidence in Zionism; and, the concurrent Haredi’s parasitic imposition into the lives of Israelis has eroded the notion of “Jewishness” in most Israeli citizens. What Israeli does not remember at what PERSONAL cost defending the Haredi settlements have disrupted Israeli life?

    So the problem is not WITHOUT—the Arabs– but WITHIN– Israelis who are forced to support and defend Haredi JEWISHNESS, parasitism and observance imposed on them.

    Into their midst have come the Soviets– many of whom were Communist oppressors torturing helpless Russians in the name of the totalitarian ideology they served. So they are in the habit of valuing the crushing of hesitance brutally as a political panacea, using well trained “specialists,” while propagandizing the rest through POLARIZATION FOR MOBILIZATION.

    What does that mean? Lenin and Trotsky made that clear. It means forcing people to choose between two extremes in a situation so rigged that one extreme is an impossible choice. And so today, the Soviets have created a polarized Israel which offers the choice: EXPAND or DIE. Nothing serves their purpose better than the sight of the Biblical incarnation of the Jonas myth in the form of an IDF that crushes Arabs like insects, a la Six Days War. This invariably causes reactive retaliation out of shear despair which makes the Soviets’ point, forcing Israelis to turn Israel into a Soviet regime. That this is failing justifies the self-preserving bestiality that precedes the panic of helplessness.

    And yet, as in the AZURE editorial, Israel is “losing our minds,” as the best and brightest run for refuge from this polarization to the West. Consequently, Israel, more and more, becomes the land of thugs and killers, the Kosher USSR (many ex-KGB converts of convenience)!

    So, as Americans, be not surprised at what the Israel we all admired has turned into. And be not surprised that the humanistic impeccably moral Diaspora Jewish neighbors you know so well support Israel, for these are deemed the “useful idiots”– to use Stalin’s term– that are polarized into two choices: (a) all out support for Zionism’s expansion thesis or (b0 be ostracized as anti-Semitic “self-hating Jew.” All Israel’s agents can acquire is Diasporic passive support, but that’s enough as it makes Diaspora Jews the blanket with which they muffle free speech of critics on the principle that anti-Zionism=anti-Semitism in the name of the majoritarian Diaspora of World Jewry.

    Today support for Israel in Congress is as support for the Corporate Establishment: bought with $$millions to provide through legislation $$billions from the “lumpen taxpayers.”

    All this the Zionazis know is a house of cards, a Tower of Babel (or hasbara) that can easily fall. And so hysterical hasbaraists like Dershowitz and Foxman should be carefully analyzed as barometers of how absurd is the case for the Jewish Soviet; note how absurd, even seemingly psychotic, is their behavior and mendacious argumentation.

    So I urge careful reading of the historical evolution of Soviet totalitarianism with corruption intertwining therein, for there can be found the demented whys and wherefores of the Israel you see today. The arousal of this Soviet monster from the dust need not be, but will invariably be so long as the Commie-minded crew is in charge…and it will stay in charge so long as the Zionists view the ethical Jew as their greatest danger.

  5. delia ruhe

    If North America and Europe weren’t so tightly in the grip of unemployment, we would be seeing an accelerated exodus of liberal Jewish Israelis.

  6. Frigga Karl

    There are some weaknesses in the De Teodoru’s statement. The zionist leaders never have based their politics on Jewish Ethics. They started with a big massaker in 1948. I think the Muslims did not need a “good jewish shepherd to lead them”! And the Palestinians, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians Lebanese people just experienced the aggressiveness and hate of the zionist leaders. They never hided their hate! They cleaned up the land of Palestine for “Jews only” this is a clear rassist statement. This you have to know: Israel is the only rassist state in the Middle East. The leaders know now that their lies and myths are revealed and they show their real face because of panic. Thats all!

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