Islamophobia ‘acceptable’ in UK

Al Jazeera reports:

Prejudice against Muslims has “passed the dinner-table test” and become socially acceptable in Britain, the chairwoman of the country’s ruling Conservative party has said.

Sayeeda Warsi, the first British Muslim woman to join the country’s cabinet, said in a speech at the University of Leicester on Thursday that Britain is becoming a less tolerant place for believers.

Warsi said that dividing Muslims into “moderate” and “extremist” fuels intolerance as does “the patronising, superficial way faith is discussed in certain quarters, including the media”.

The Pakistan-born minister has previously criticised parts of British society for demonizing Muslims in response to the threat from small numbers of extremists.

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2 thoughts on “Islamophobia ‘acceptable’ in UK

  1. John Somebody

    Hang on.
    She’s also the same Tory Twit, and zionist lackey, that I’ve seen/heard more than once, on TV/ radio programmes, such as the BBC’s, “Any Questions”, declaring to the nation such twaddle as the one about Israel being a democracy, and having a right to defend itself, after various zio – attrocities. I would love to get an answer from her one day, as to why a state which depends on racism motivated murder, has a right to exist, let alone, to defend anything. Or how a state which depends on an artificially created majority can be called, “Democratic”, by someone who’s NOT a zionist lackey.

  2. MB

    ‘Baroness’ Warsi is a ghastly, self interested, sell out opportunist, and is not even popular with the UK Muslim community themselves.

    Also, there is far more to the phenomena of Islamophobia in the UK than plain old black/white racism. I lived in poor, volatile, unstable, violent, so called ‘radicalised’ no go area neighbourhoods in the UK, populated mainly by poverty stricken white populations and Muslim immigrants for years and years — I have seen it first hand, from the inside, from ‘every day life’ level, to college level to friendship level to relgious level.

    Of course, no doubt — some elements are racist — the EDL/BNP football hooligan types and the political opportunists who are demagogues. But generally speaking,at working class street level, English are not a racist people. They marry and integrate with ease, as seen by working class communities’ integration with Irish and Jamaican communities from earlier generations.

    The clash at ghetto street level is mainly economic and social — there are great numbers of young whites who have been crushed, thrown on the scrapheap by globalisation/New Labour/Lib- Cons. They are desperate : many of them will never work, never have a career, and never own a house, and only be able to look after a family by part time crappy jobs, or crime or welfare. Add to mix in those shattered, crime ridden,despairing violent well fare driven communities, a steady flow of very poorly educated working class or rural villagers from Bangladesh, and Afghanistan and Sudan, largely very conservative, very insular Muslims with severely limited perspective on other cultures — snd clearly, the mixture is explosive. One would have to be insensitive or a fool not too understand that result.

    I am not justifying with weasel words the ghastly status quo in UK, in particular, the steady , relentless demonisation of the Muslims in the press and regarding political matters ; all I am saying is — at the bottom level, at street level — it is not solely about ignorant white on black racism.

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