America’s treatment of detainees

Glenn Greenwald writes:

Amnesty International has written a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates objecting to the conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention, which was first reported here. The group denounces the oppressive conditions under which Manning is being held as “unnecessarily harsh and punitive,” and further states they “appear to breach the USA’s obligations under international standards and treaties, including Article 10 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.” The letter describes Manning’s treatment as particularly egregious “in view of the fact that he has no history of violence or disciplinary infractions and that he is a pre-trial detainee not yet convicted of any offence.” Moreover:

The harsh conditions imposed on PFC Manning also undermine the principle of the presumption of innocence, which should be taken into account in the treatment of any person under arrest or awaiting trial. We are concerned that the effects of isolation and prolonged cellular confinement . . . may, further, undermine his ability to assist in his defence and thus his right to a fair trial.

The letter follows a report from Manning’s lawyer, former Lt. Col. David Coombs, that the conditions of his detention temporarily worsened in the past week, prompting a formal complaint under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. [Continue reading…]

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4 thoughts on “America’s treatment of detainees

  1. Ian Arbuckle

    And this to a government of a country that thinks it has a duty to castigate China on human rights and political detentions…… It makes one positively sick!

  2. David

    Please support Amnesty International and the Courage To Resist group in their battle to defend Bradley Manning. So far, very few in the US have stepped forward to back a man who,it seems very likely, has done more to defend the Bill of Rights than the whole political establishment and even, dear Dubya, more to defend freedom than the entire US armed forces… Militaristic junkies whose own personal forces record is not necessarily brilliant ( Dubya ?) especially in the media are already so hysterical that “the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim” will soon be the motto for even the moderates – the “extremists” will act rather than spout, I fear.It is, of course, true that many in the US’s allies go along with the viciousness , but a change of heart among the masses of ordinary Americans is sorely needed, NOW – what sort of a future are you lot preparing for your children ? Ike pointed to the danger of the political-military-industrial complex and it is here, now, and worse than he could have imagined it. In particular, of course, the baying bloodhounds of the mainstream media, the public face of the USA, and most of the academic community, it seems, either create and pander to the hysteria or remain silent.

  3. Carolyn Boe

    Thank you, Amnesty, for stepping in to help with Bradley’s defense. As a long-time AI member, I’ve been waiting for this day.

  4. Norman

    This is the “Kabuki” that Washington produces. The Country is deteriorating, going broke, being looted, lied to, fear mongered at, etc, etc, etc. There have been no action on the part of the Government other than a giant flimflam. Divert all the attention possible away from the real issues, keep the citizens in the dark as much as possible, for as long as possible. As the revelations in the Middle East come out, the actions of the common people unfold, one might think that this Government might see the handwriting on the wall and change its evil ways? But, because power drunk politicians can’t go “cold turkey” (not to disparage the turkey bird), they too will feel the wrath of their actions, much sooner than anyone thinks.

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