Palestine Papers can’t slow down a stationary peace process

Jerusalem Post:

The US State Department acknowledged Monday that the “Palestine Papers,” released by Al-Jazeera, complicated American efforts to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. But it said it wouldn’t slow the Obama administration’s work toward that goal.

George Mitchell can be as busy as a hamster in a treadmill without actually getting anywhere. Still, the key rhetorical marker that the administration’s efforts have reached their termination point will be transparent when State Department spokesman PJ Crowley starts responding to questions about Israel with what has become Obama’s signature expression: “We’re monitoring the situation.”

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2 thoughts on “Palestine Papers can’t slow down a stationary peace process

  1. eddy mason

    If there was any doubt before there can be no doubt now; there has not been and there is no Israel / Palestine peace process. It has been and is a sham, being foisted onto the Palestinian people by the Zionists and the corrupt USA regimes. All looks a bit like the charades being played by a well known European leader in the 1930’s and the result will be the same, a country destroyed by it’s own paranoia driven quest for greatness, or whatever. Before it’s too late, say goodbye to Israel.

  2. Andrew

    “We’re monitoring the situation” – in English, we are waiting for AIPAC to tell us the talking points

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