The Egyptians are bringing our dreams true today

Waseem Wagdi, an Egyptian human rights activist living in London who joined fellow Egyptians protesting outside their embassy today, talks about recent events in Egypt and their significance, not just for Egyptians or for all Arabs, but as something that every single human being who cares for freedom, can celebrate.

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3 thoughts on “The Egyptians are bringing our dreams true today

  1. Vince J.

    There is an excellent article at :

    “Why is America so afraid?
    By Philip Weiss”

    Worthed reading!!!

  2. Christopher Hoare

    The overthrow of dictators in Tunisia and Egypt would be the great beginning that the Islamic world needs. Let us hope these freedom fighters succeed everywhere.

    Let Americans take note that the success of democracy in these countries depends not on American assistance but on America staying out of the issue entirely and not buying off the usual political hacks to serve their interests. Anchor the carriers, ground the stealth bombers, bring the troops home: that is the only way a free and progressive world can unfold.

  3. BillVZ


    What a moving expression of real human emotion that was released after being held within for so long. It called to mind another revolution that held the world in awe and happened just a few decades ago(1986) in the former American colony of the Republic of the Philippines, as the revered Ferdinand Marcos was finally sent packing by PEOPLE POWER.
    Even though, at the time, I was farley close by in neighboring Malaysia my minds memory did need some refreshing. I recommend to those in the same mind situation or were too young to remember an appropriate reference by Time Magazines Roger Rosenblatt to do so if they wish:,9171,960881-2,00.html-

    The article also concludes with a similar view of Waseem Wagdi:

    “Everyone counts. Everyone is responsible for the honor of his life.”

    And an eerie caveat that can be taken for the US today:

    “Try not to forget what you saw last week. It was ourselves in eruption far away.”

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