Egyptian opposition rallies around Mohamed ElBaradei

Egyptian activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei addressing “those people who have been safeguarding democracy” in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. “What we have begun cannot go back,” he told the crowd.

“We have a key demand: For the regime to step down and to start a new era.”

The National Coalition for Change, which groups several opposition movements including the Muslim Brotherhood, wants ElBaradei to negotiate with the Mubarak government, Al Jazeera reports.

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One thought on “Egyptian opposition rallies around Mohamed ElBaradei

  1. Norman

    Sure gives the Egyptian People a legitimate spokesman with ElBaradei front & center. I read a bit from Leslie H. Gelb earlier of his take. As expected, he calls all involved devils. His position as a member of the Ivory Tower Elite that permeates the Washington D.C./”O” Administration, amazes me with the call for the People to go home & let Mubarak shuffle things around. Just where have those Elites been? I guess they sit around in their Towers babbling back & forth like the sycophants they are. Perhaps the “O” would be better off surrounding himself with the homeless in the U.S. who would give him real time “what the hell is going on” in the land of the free?

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