Mubarak’s campaign of state terrorism

So much for President Obama’s ability to steer an orderly transition of power in Egypt. When he laid out his vision last night, it’s no wonder he had so little to say about Mubarak’s response. That Mubarak acknowledged the status quo is unsustainable and change must take place, said nothing about his intentions to realign the balance of power.

As the Egyptian president took the call from the White House, two facts must have been uppermost in his mind: the fact that preparations were already in place through which his thugs could unleash chaos on the streets, and the fact that he was being addressed by a spineless American president.

“I urge the [Egyptian] military to continue its efforts to help ensure that this time of change is peaceful,” Obama said last night. Well, as Al Jazeera is now showing, mayhem has been unleashed on the streets around Tahrir Square and the army has done nothing to intervene.

All those in the last few days who have warned about the dangers of mob rule should take note: the mob is on your side.

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5 thoughts on “Mubarak’s campaign of state terrorism

  1. Christopher Hoare

    The mob will not be on America’s side in future if the Arab world sees Obama failing to help the Egyptian people. Whether true or not, they will see that Mubarak as able to parlay blackmail over the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty into an AIPAC controlled hands off.

  2. DE Tedooru

    This pro-Mubarak violence can’t be Mubarak alone. Obama’s silence as of now will gave away his capitulation to the Israeli evil doers on the Right and to the Arab cash-and-carry dictators. This is the ultimate test of his Nobel Prize. Unless he warns the army that he’ll cut off all aid unless they get Mubarak the hell out, then he’s a fraud and the Noble Committee must demand return of the prize on grounds of breach of contract.

    Happy Chinese New Year to all. And though this is the year of the rabbit, I hope Obama does not prove to be one.

  3. Norman

    Too bad that Al Jazeera has been banned for the most part here. Censorship in the U.S. Well, it stands to reason, just look at who the heads of the MSM are. As for “O”, well, he’s sure looking the fool on this one too. Indeed, what a joke it’s turned out to be for him having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as he doesn’t seem able to do anything more than give his customary feel good speeches. The most powerful man in the World, yet isn’t able to produce, talks the talk, but that’s all. If he lets this escalate into chaos, then it’s on him, for to be honest about things, he was/is being set up to be a FAILURE, but hasn’t got what it takes to do anything about it. What a shame! But then, if the whole world gets blown up, then everything is a non-issue.

  4. BillVZ

    DE Tedooru

    Of course it is not Murarack campaign alone. He has called upon the boiler plate plan of opposition to the masses which has existed and is used in South East Asia for decades. Provide to the world the incense of people who love him so, their father-provider/protector and then engage the media to call on putting “reason back in the saddle” let’s have order –go home take care of your-family….
    Meanwhile if that BS falters-beware we all know there is another method available.
    I happened upon a reminder comment this AM from Howard Zinn –
    “Perhaps we are so vicariously thrilled by people literally taking democracy into their hands and putting their lives on the line because we have largely abandoned large-scale protests in the US. Other nations are doing the heavy lifting of democracy, and it excites us with the possibility that it could happen here, that we could stand up to the plutocracy and the status quo elites.”

    For my money Hoard Zinn had enormous admirable values and personal qualities and a sunshine attitude about issues such as taking place.And indeed watching it unfold does vicariously give thrill and excitement about the out come. But I am not blessed with such a temperament when it comes to the possibility it could ever happen here…at least in my lifetime.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you also. I am privileged to reside in the part of the world where the culture and traditions of this new beginning are able to be appreciated and enjoyed. Year of the Rabbit –calls to mind a story as rich as the Wizard of Oz for images to use in writing- Alice in Wonder Land and Through the Looking glass. Alice followed the rabbit down the hole in pursuit the white rabbit for an fantastical adventure in “wonder land”. I am sure this year of the rabbit will be filled with unexpected adventure too.

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