3 thoughts on “How a Silicon Valley company helps support Mubarak’s police state

  1. Vince J.

    I think it was Pepe Escobar who mention the documents illustrating US support for Mubarak’s regime… they be franticly destoying it!

  2. Norman

    One really has to ask the question; ” are these companies really patriotic to the American way? Or have they descended into that black hole that consumes every so called business that provides the tools for Governments to spy upon its own people? One also has to wonder just which & how many different Government agencies spy on us here at home? We may live in the so called land of the free, but only as long as we kowtow to the official line.

  3. Ian Arbuckle

    Norman, Two billion of your taxes buys a lot of gear and software. What did you think the American way was all about?

    Glad to see, from your questions that you are waking up too. Perhaps that is the most worrying part of events in North Africa for the US government, not that Egyptians on 2 dollars a day make a revolution to get rid of their dictator who has syphoned off about 20 billion for his family and friends, but that Americans wake up to the facts that they are being screwed just as royally and it will only get worse for the ordinary guy and better for the 0.5 % that run the MIC and own the politicians and talking heads.

    Many Americans are learning from Egyptians. As long as most Americans care more about how to clime over the depressed, dumbed down, indoctrinated, institutionally exploited, unemployed bodies of their fellow Americans to get a crust while accepting the twiddle didi or twiddle didum, better of two evils, as a democratic system of government, and thinking they know and can expound on the meaning of “freedom”, I’m afraid it is inevitable that the lot that the Americans must bear can only get worse.

    To answer your question, Yes, this Boeing subsidiary is absolutely patriotic to the American way, which has nothing to do with freedom, but is making the rich richer by the sale of things that make them and their friends, that elite 0.5 %, more powerful and more able to dominate at home and abroad.

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