What now in Egypt?

Robert Gibbs, White House spokesman, says: “The president is watching the same thing you are. I don’t know what the outcome will be.”


Whatever Mubarak has to say, the people in Tahrir Square will deliver the verdict. The more certain Mubarak’s departure seems, the bigger the question mark hanging over Omar Suleiman.

The fundamental question is whether the Egyptian military is ready to relinquish its grip on the state and usher in a new era of civilian and democratic governance.

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3 thoughts on “What now in Egypt?

  1. Vince J.

    Asian Times has the excellent and very informative Pepe Escobar’s article worthed reading!

    “Bread, dignity and lies
    By Pepe Escobar”

  2. Frigga Karl

    A very strong picture coming from Tahrir square. This is the most important language for a profound change into real democracy. Real democracy comes from the people. We should take this example against our corrupt leaders in the west with their strange”political correctness”. How does it come that no european state leader condemns clearly the criminal politics of Israel? Why does Brussels open widely the market to the rough state of Israel? Why does Brussels support dictators for so long? We need the same change as Egypt. Sarkosy and Berlusconi are “hidden dictators”. They impose dictatorship via the media, they control. There is no big difference between Egypt and our western governments, but the people in Egypt are stronger in fighting against corrupted leadership. Look at the Tahrir square: such a crowd is only seen in the street of western metropoles after the football world cup in 1998 in Paris. Football is not revolution! That’s the difference between Cairo and Paris.

  3. DE Teodoru

    Whatever happens to Egypt, don’t tune in to Charlie Rose Show to find out. First he had two guys, one Brit (Economist) and one American (NYTimes) and one Egyptian girl stringer. Yet Rose almost treated her as if she were not there while querying these guys from petty to pedantic. Next, Rose and Tom Friedman, the man from nowhere who’s always been everywhere, went from pedantic to ridiculous in their emphasis on the “threat” of Muslim Brotherhood as if it were alQaeda (the opposite of what the Egyptian girl reporter said). If it’s these guys that inform our CIA then I hope we turn the CIA building at Langley into a Casino Resort for gamblers.

    Thank God for alJazeera– to think that GW Bush wanted to bomb their offices!!!!

    Again, it’s young Arab secular modernists doing this thing and they are NOT anarchic screwballs. They know what they’re doing and are moving step by step. Muslim Brotherhood will bow to them and join them in reforming and modernizing Egypt. If the business generals (like China’s)– on double take from US and Israel– are thinking of making a Tiananmen Square catastrophe replay in Tahrir Square, they should recall that Nasser came to power in a revolution of the colonels and this generation might well take down the generals again in the same way. In the future no more US/Israel flunkies need apply for top command

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