J Street: How the pro-Israel pro-peace lobby promotes war

Chase Madar writes:

J Street, America’s premier liberal pro-Israel lobbying group, has just wrapped up its third annual conference in Washington. There have been sessions and panels on “building peace from the ground up,” on “expanding the tent” and even some passionate condemnations of the Occupation. Amid so much good feeling it’s almost possible to lose sight of one of J Street’s fundamental missions: to promote and guarantee America’s lavish and unconditional military aid to Israel.

This may seem like a harsh assessment of the lobbying group. After all, isn’t J Street routinely attacked by neocon ultras and praised by American liberals? But hack through J Street’s verbiage about “dialogue” and “conversation” and one finds this blandly phrased position statement: “American assistance to Israel, including maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge, is an important anchor for a peace process based on providing Israel with the confidence and assurance to move forward on a solution based on land for peace. J Street consistently advocates for robust US foreign aid to Israel.” This last sentence is 99% of what one needs to know about J Street.

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6 thoughts on “J Street: How the pro-Israel pro-peace lobby promotes war

  1. DE Tedooru

    We have long seen the Zionists demonstrating their ideological roots from within the Soviet Union by their application of Leninist propaganda tactics. For example, neocons have unimaginatively stuck to the POLARIZE TO MOBILIZE tactic where you force people into having to choose between two extreme positions, making sure that the opposite from that in which you want them to go is untenable. During the “radicalization” of students by the New Left, the same technique was used, inviting liberals to “peacefully” protest. When, agents from the rear would throw something to provoke the police, it would start clubbing. The liberals put deliberately in the front were, of course, the first to get hit. Later, the radicals would propagandize feigning sympathy into realizing that you just can’t negotiate with the “pigs.” Recently, the neocons used the term “self-hating Jew” in order to force Jews moved by the Jewish Ethic into reserve on radical Zionism to deem their position untenable, leaving them no choice but to join the radical Zionist position of the neocons as if “Jews” only hold that position without betraying the Holocaust. This, of course, would only work with Jews sensitive to ostracization from some imaginary Jewish consensus. Without continued radicalization, they relapse and oppose on the basis of the Jewish Ethic. By convincing goy media that they are the “voice of the Jews,” neocons– through their dummy multiple paper organizations and financed publications– would give that impression, no matter how insignificant their impact on Jews as a whole.

    Another trick used by Likud radical Zionists is to present someone as a critical “post-Zionist” scholar and, after a period of establishing his bona fides, he suddenly changes sides. As far as J Street is concerned, intra-community pressure from radical Zionists was put on J Street’s leaders, forcing them, in fear of being shunned, to walk back their position to ingratiate themselves with the Zionist Establishment. Radical Zionism is often ex-Leftists using their Leninist tactics to serve their right-wing Zionist advocacies and justifications (and in some cases to make money) and to propagandize what they insist are “dumb goyim.” Alas, the inability of neocons– because that is essential to their desperate social ego and identity needs– to consider goyim, friend or foe, as nothing but “dumb goyim.” Consequently, invariably, they constantly become victims of their own fraud, fakery and oppressiveness. In fact, it is all bravado and chutzpah with nothing to back it as can be seen getting to know neocons and Foxman and his ADL crew.

    The big tragedy is that Americans, probably more than most, are very vengeful when they find someone to have based their interactions with them on the assumption that they are “dumb.” And, in fact, the reactive backlash will not be very discriminating as to whom to target. If, God forbid, we ever face an American Krystalnacht, it will be thanks to the shyster-type right-Zionists. Their perseverant dependence on this Leninist radicalization process and the backlash it provokes is welcome by right-Zionist, for its manifestation forces Jews to stampede from the Diaspora to the “homeland” in fear with all their assets. Zionism is NOT democratic as it is based on fraud and deception of the “lumpen” Jewish and Christian Zionists. The book SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL is proof of what “dumb goyim” they think us to be. J Street indeed has evolved but so have we and so fooling us requires that we voluntarily shut our eyes and cover our ears to truth. In fact, despite their silence, most Jews are outraged at this Zionist mentality!

  2. Christopher Hoare

    The ground is shifting, neo-liberalism is destroying the world, as well as cynically using and manipulating the world citizens. Liberal is no longer a guarantee of any degree of progressivism or even respect for the plight of those outside the ‘tent’. (As anti-semitic is rapidly becoming a badge of honour.)

    The new normal is those who have nothing realizing they have nothing to lose. What American (and Jewish) liberals have is perceived as having been stolen from them — and usually was.

  3. delia ruhe

    I wish I could get to the bottom of the “J Street complex.” I can only assume that the majority of them don’t read, don’t know how to analyse, don’t know much about their own traditions. They just can’t seem to see that their wishy-washy middle-of-the-road mythology just does not cut it. They might just as well become the “Ladies’ Auxiliary” of AIPAC.

  4. Norman

    J Street as well as all the other so called think tanks, are nothing more than tools of the people who control the wealth of the World. As the world is focused on the M.E., the rest of the world goes on. What is taking place there? Skirmish! Distract what’s really going on! What will come out of all this? Will the plutocracy win, or have they overplayed their hand? Time will tell.

  5. dickerson3870

    RE: “American assistance to Israel…is an important anchor for a peace process based on providing Israel with the confidence and assurance to move forward on a solution based on land for peace.” – J Street

    MY SNARK: Not even 100 battalions of psychiatrists could give Israel (a/k/a the cult of Yad Vashem) enough “confidence and assurance” to move forward on a solution based on land for peace.

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