The fight for Libya

The Guardian reports:

Security forces have used teargas and live ammunition to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters who marched in Tripoli after prayers.

Several hundred demonstrators gathered in Tajura, an area east of the capital, chanting: “Gaddafi is the enemy of God.”

Protesters tore down posters of the Libyan leader and spraypainted walls with graffiti reading: “Down with Gaddafi” and “Tajura will dig your grave.”

Scores of police cars descended on the area, forcing journalists from the scene, and at least one person was detained.

Soon after the march began, officers fired teargas at the crowd. The protesters scattered, but quickly regrouped before security forces fired live ammunition, scattering the protesters again. It was not immediately clear if the shots had been fired in the air or at the marchers.

Libya unrest: the civil war begins — an interactive map in The Guardian (click image below):

Clare Morgana Gillis writes:

On Wednesday, Libyan leader Qaddafi’s warplanes bombarded opposition-held Ajdabia, a coastal town 175 km south of Benghazi, the eastern city that has become the unofficial headquarters of anti-Qaddafi forces. That same day, Qaddafi also sent mercenaries to attack the oil-rich town of Brega, 80 km to the southwest, where fighting left 17 dead and, according to some reports, eight more dragged off by mercenaries to an unknown fate. Though fighting between the regime and the opposition has raged openly in Tripoli for the past week, these attacks brought Qaddafi’s first overt hostilities against the rebel-controlled east of the country since yellow-hatted mercenaries massacred civilian protesters in Benghazi on February 17th.

Since ousting Qaddafi’s forces and seizing control over much of eastern Libya on February 21, civilians and defectors from Qaddafi’s army have been gathering in military camps in Benghazi, receiving training from former officers, arming themselves with weapons taken from now-abandoned depots, and preparing for the inevitable counterattack, which began two days ago. That morning, the nascent rebel force mobilized., Many in Ajdabia and elsewhere had received phone calls from friends and family in Brega, which they said was under attack. Newly trained and ready to fight, thousands of these volunteers sped down to help. Ultimately, this irregular force managed to hold the town. Victorious, many returned to the military camp in Ajdabia that evening.

A 26-year-old pharmacist and volunteer in the uprising who gave his name only as Mohammed, sped down the highway toward Ajdabia on Wednesday night. Also in his car was Abdallah Kamal, an Egyptian who participated in the uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, as well as myself and another foreign journalist along for the ride. The road’s checkpoints were marked with burning tires and manned by young men sporting Kalashnikovs and kaffiyehs wrapped around their heads.

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5 thoughts on “The fight for Libya

  1. DMG

    From all the interviews from this family are using the phrase from the book of Hitler “Mein Kampf” the bigger the lie the more believable it is!!
    Listening to all these interviews I will start believing that there was no revolt there was no bombing no masses running for their life!! give us a break…. they are unstamble and every body knows it!
    Please do not publish my name as I am a Libyan,
    I know this family we have felt it in our skin what people describe is 100000 times worse…
    Thank you

  2. Christopher Hoare

    The rebels’ need for air cover is a no-brainer. One might suppose that those who oppose setting up a no-fly zone over rebel held towns are hoping for Qaddhafi’s reconquest of the disputed areas.

  3. Vince J.

    This is a bit off the topic. However, it has to do with Facism in the US.

    Excellent article by Gleen Greenwald at :

    “The serial deceit of Geoff Morrell”

    Watch the video link… this facism animal, Geoff Morrell’s body language is there for everyone to see.
    He should be know as SS Geoff Morrell.
    Than you have the war criminal Hillary Clinton vomiting word about freedom, freedom of the press, etc.

  4. Vince J.

    On the topic, read Pepe Escobar’s article at asintimes

    “The lion sleeps tonight”

    As usual, P. Escobar is spot on!

  5. Vince J.

    On the topic again,
    TheRealNews with Paul J.

    “Supporting Libyan Revolution, Opposing Foreign Intervention”

    Is an excellent interview!

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