One thought on “Wadah Khanfar: A historic moment in the Arab world

  1. Norman

    In 15 + minutes, Mr Khanfar, explained in the simplest words, what is taking place in the M.E. The MSM in the U.S. don’t want to show too much of what is taking place there, because then the people in the U.S. might repeat the same actions here. Al Jazeera is doing what no other news organization in the world is doing. The English version we get over the internet, allows us to see, hear, observe, the daily goings on in the M.E. The most disturbing parts, beside the injuries and killings, are the deeper revelations that the West, especially our own Government has played a significant role in the events that have trampled on the civil rights of the citizens of each one of the countries going through this series of revolutions.

    The U.S., with a nod and a wink, over the many years since the end of WWII, has propped up many of these same M.E. countries, which when you fast forward to now, we see just how brutal the leaders have treated their own citizens. The U.S. has used military arms as well as monetary bribes either in exploiting of resources or in some cases, rendering prisoners, caught up in the so called war on terror, to be tortured. This is done with the blessing of the Executive branch of the U.S.Government, right up to the present.

    Thank You Al Jazeera for giving us this insight into the present day M.E. and the people involved. Except for the truly biased people here in the U.S., all the demonstrators could be the citizens of the U.S.A. I wonder, if/when the revolution starts here, will Al Jazeera be broadcasting to the rest of the world like it is the M.E.?

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