5 thoughts on “US anti-Muslim rally raises fears

  1. Vince J.

    Happy to go back to their country if only the US leaves and stop occupying THEIR COUNTRY.

  2. Paul Woodward

    Vince – I wouldn’t make assumptions about anyone’s nationality based on their ethnicity or religion. And in this instance, it’s fair to assume that most of the Muslims being shouted at are Americans who have no desire to “go back” anywhere. Imagine how it must feel to be treated as unwelcome in the country you were born in.

  3. DE Teodoru

    It seems that some Zionists want to make Zionism is a communicable disease– one its adherents have tried to spread in virulent variants to others. So then, distracting from their own disease, they attribute the dual-nationality bug that they insist on infecting Diaspora Jews with to other faiths. Say, for example, as a Romanian Orthodox, I would be deemed not a Christian but an agent of Romania because my faith is, after all, *ROMANIAN* Orthodox and thus it loses its universalistic Christian quality. That this is only a matter of language, bureaucracy and cultural backdrop– though one not versed in Eastern Orthodox denominations would never be able to see any difference between Romanian, Serb, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Greek and other Eastern churches (besides language in which the Liturgy is spoken), attacking them as NATIONAL churches is great cover for Zionists who insist that Judaism is not so much a religion as a tribal blood line (sounds like Nazis, hence ZIONAZIS!). The conflagration against Muslims has Zionist pyromaniacs as origin. One need only review the criminal syndicate initiating the anti-Ground Zero “mosque” (sic) crisis.

    These people are really crazy now. Israeli officials have multiple passports and at times hold elected or appointed public offices in more than one nation. In fear and aware of this, they seek to deflect attention onto the Muslims whose faith is also universalistic but, in practice, like Judaism and Christianity, is really denominational and culturally national in character. But hey, who knows that’s so, so why not hit at the “Terrorists” as ANY Muslims? Why not? I’ll tell you why not; recall the Oil Crisis of the 1970s—the oil rich Muslim nation are by faith obliged to defend their co-religionists as Rome must protect Catholics. Jimmy Carter promulgated laws and rules on energy conservation then that we became energy-independent. But it was the Republicans who made us oil dependent again. The big Republican honchos are certainly not the ones who fund this anti-Muslim campaign as they get rich on the oil that’s imported here. It is rather Zionist Democrats who push this anti-Muslim campaign because it provides smoke to cover the demands Israel makes of Diaspora Jews.

    In truth is that mass majority of Jews ARE NOT ISRAELIS and never will be, no matter how often the Zionists call Israel “the homeland nation of the Jews.” They are nationalistic nationals of the nations of their birth and clearly have no dual loyalty problem:


    This has been the bane of Zionism since its start. They know that starting an anti-Semitic fire under the Muslims is dangerous as very soon after the similarity between what Zionists DO and what Zionists claim that Muslims DO becomes obvious. But that’s what they want: we “dumb goyim” to start an American Krystalnacht, chasing the Jews to Israel. Since Arabs and Jews are both Semites, they figure, start a fire under one and it will soon spread to the other. As a result, the Jews will lose their “disgusting parasitic assimilation,” as the Zionists call it, and will take flight to Israel where all their wealth will be squeezed out of them forthwith. Careful study of history shows that, though Zionism did do some good for some Jewish victims of the Holocaust and pogroms, in most cases it did little to save them from the Holocaust; Zionism has been a scam run by people with crazy split personalities who can’t distinguish up from down, good from bad, left from right and fair from foul. The real crime is that we arm these people and make sending deadly weapons to crazy “settlers” tax-deductible.

    It won’t take long for the anti-Semitic fire the Zionists are trying to start with Muslims via their Tea Party marionettes (a small segment of know-nothings in the Conservative movement manipulated by well paid activists) to spread to Jews. That’s why these Zionist crazies are blowing into the flames and kindling it with cash. But what is outrageous is that Jews will be the ultimate victims for the Muslim communities are far more united and mutually assisting than the Jewish ones. It is not fair for Jews to have to choose between remain silent out of a desire not to make things worse and having to suffer the consequences exactly as plotted by operatives of the Israeli government. But then, this campaign is most unfair to just as loyal Americans, the mass majority of Muslims who, like the Jews, took citizenship oath here because of what American stands for.

  4. Norman

    Not to pile on, but to understand which is real & which is false, is what this is all about. The people in the video, haven’t the foggiest clue to what they are talking about. In fact, the majority of the people who protest the peoples of the M.E. don’t even know where the M.E. is. One might say, that the protesters are just empty shells, programed to sprout venom, because the leaders who program them are just as clueless, but thump their chests because of their own short comings. They are just like those politicians who wear those little American flags that are make in communist China, who proclaim they are patriots, hiding behind the Constitution that they wave, when in reality, they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

  5. Vince J.

    I live in Australia, a racist country. I once read a John Pilger article which speaks about the xenophobia in the US and he mentioned that it was “the invasion of the invaded”. I got shocked with this video of people shouting and other people. Of course, I wasn’t refering to american muslims.
    This xenophobic atitude displayed by these ‘protesters’ are uniformed, vile and ignorant. As I experience xenophobia on a daily base, it brings out very strong feeling which may cloud reason… thus my quick reaction and my comment. I sincerely apologise if it wasn’t well expressed like Norman’s… after all, english is a second language to me. My apologies.

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