CIA killer gets “pardoned” in exchange for $2 million blood money

In order to make sure Hillary Clinton can enjoy cordial exchanges with her counterparts in Pakistan during her upcoming visit, CIA contractor Raymond Davis just got “pardoned” by the families of the men he killed in late January.

Dawn reports:

The US government did not pay any compensation to the families of two Pakistanis killed by Raymond Davis, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday.

She said the US did not pay to win Davis’s release, but she didn’t dispute that the men’s families were compensated.

The News reports:

The families of the murdered men, Fahim and Faizan, accepted the blood money of 2.34 million dollars (equal to Rs200 million) while, according to sources, four US visas were also part of the deal.
The counsel of the bereaved families, Manzoor Butt alleged that the families of Faizan and Fahim were forcibly brought from their homes to the court.

Lawyers for the families said they had been held on gun-point for four hours at the jail court where Davis was being tried on Wednesday, but had not been allowed to witness proceedings. They were also warned against uttering a word before the media, sources said.

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4 thoughts on “CIA killer gets “pardoned” in exchange for $2 million blood money

  1. Norman

    2.34 million dollars is a lot of money in that part of the World. Of course, the family might get the .34 million, if they are lucky, the 2 million going to the Judge or who ever. As for the 4 American visas? Wow, sure was a payoff to someone? Face it, the visas come from the state department, as well as the millions come from the U.S.. considering that it’s American money, unless they paid in Polish zloty’s.

  2. BillVZ

    Both the News and Dawn reports neglected to mention that Shumaila Faheem, the widow of one of the dead men, committed suicide by taking poison, saying she feared her husband Faheem’s death would go unpunished.

    I read today that in shariah law money compensations are for meant for accidental and unintentional killings, not for cold-blooded, deliberate murders which is covered under Pakistani law. reported that “…Saudi Arabia was prepared to help brotherly people and country for their well being and interests in any difficulty. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the US- three peas in a pod all whom deny giving the compensation to the families.

    Of course,Haliburton paid 250 million to Nigeria for Cheney compensation was that to help brotherly people and country for their well being also?

    The corporate media calls this a complex case . It seems pretty straight forward CIA operative (perhaps the top man) runs around the country winning the hearts and minds of…(?) shoots in cold blood two Pakistani citizens,causes the death of another –gets caught. No way is he ever to stand trial, the usual obfuscations and deceits are put forward, he is free to return to his home country and resume his brilliant career.

    Saudi Arabia,Pakistan and the US “three peas in a pod.”

    As is often repeated-“you can’t make this shit up”

  3. Norman

    Usman Malik, Aside from what you term a sad comment to trivialise the story line, perhaps you might define what it is you think trivializes it? I might ask, “what does the 2 pieces of what you refer to as receipts, actually say? I would then ask you, living in Scotland, which law s do you believe in? Isn’t Murder universal in Scotland & Pakistan? I might also ask, do the citizens of Pakistan enjoy the same freedoms you enjoy in Scotland? Which then brings up the question, why do you live in Scotland and not in Pakistan?

    By the way, the comment wasn’t a try on trivializing what took place, it was stating a fact that Ms Clinton stated that no American Money was paid. Also, I do believe that 4 American passports are worth American dollars, which do come from the State Department, of which Ms Clinton is the boss.

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