One thought on “Israelis defy Nakba law on Independence Day

  1. Norman

    Until the U.S. breaks the stranglehold that the Israeli leaders have on it, they will continue to drag the U.S. down with them. The Israeli people are being brainwashed by the anti-Arab propaganda , just as the U.S. Congress has been. The kool-aid that the Israeli’s offer up, is gladly drunk in Washington, even by those who know better, out of fear of being labeled anti-Semitic.

    Israel is the only Country in the World that practices the propaganda that won’t let the rest forget the genocide the Nazis did in W.W.II. They use guilt to achieve what they believe is why they should get a free pass for what others are condemned for.

    As long as the U.S. stands behind the Israeli’s, they will continue their stealing of the Palestinian lands, imprisoning them, denigrating them, thumb their nose at the rest of the World. Perhaps one day, the Youth of Israel will rise up as the Arabs have, to challenge their government too. Then, when the I.D.F. starts shooting their own people, maybe reason will prevail within!

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