Gaddafi snatch squads took hundreds of men and boys from Misrata

The Independent reports:

The lifting of the siege of the embattled Libyan city of Misrata has revealed the disappearance of hundreds of people with many of them suspected victims of snatch squads loyal to the Gaddafi regime, relatives and rights workers said yesterday.

A desperate search has begun for “the disappeared”, many of whom were reported to have been taken away to regime prisons or killed during some of the fiercest fighting of a three-month rebel uprising that has reduced parts of the city to rubble.

Witness accounts gathered by The Independent and rights groups indicate that there was a systematic attempt to kidnap men from parts of the city.

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One thought on “Gaddafi snatch squads took hundreds of men and boys from Misrata

  1. Colm O' Toole

    Meanwhile somewhere in Misrata… Al Jaazera managed to secretly videotape four SAS guys and what looks like an Intelligence officer talking hanging out with the rebels. Something which would break the UN resolution with explicitly forbids any foreign forces on the ground.

    Al Jaazera footage @ 2:05 mark.

    The Guardian picked it up and looked into the footage. Article about it below.

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