Israelis afraid of threat from outer space

Cassiopeia constellation -- 54 to 610 light years away from Earth.

Ynet reports:

The security forces’ fear of an infiltration of hostile elements into Israel appears to be so deep, that air traffic controllers recently sent two warplanes and two assault helicopters towards suspicious lights in the sky, which turned out to be… stars.

Weekly magazine Bamahane, published by the Israel Defense Forces, reports that on the evening after the ‘Nakba Day’ events two weeks ago, the control tower at the Air Force’s Haifa base spotted a number of unidentified aircraft.

The Air Control Unit immediately sent out warplanes and assault helicopters to search for the intruders. As they were scanning the sky, the pilots began suspecting that the flashing lights mistaken as aircraft were in fact a Cassiopeia constellation formed by five bright stars in the northern skies.

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