3 thoughts on “East Jerusalem: Sharing our house with settlers

  1. Norman

    The World is seeing just what the Israeli leaders are doing. They ultimately will lose out, as this can’t continue. The only question the world should be asking itself, will the Israelis use the “BOMB” out of defiance towards everyone else? When does the World say enough?

  2. eddy mason

    There is no doubt that we are witnessing the process that will end with the internal collapse of Israel. It will not remain as it is now and it will not be as it was perceived to be by the Western world.

    Their dream is being destroyed by the zionist nutters who have taken over Israel. At what point they are in with that process now is the question; think back over the last few years and put your hand up if you foresaw the degradation of Israeli society as shown on that video. It is all down hill from here!

    Where are the “settlers and tourists” going to go when they realise their is no place for them in the Middle East of the 21st century? Will the USA accept them as refugees when it hits the fan?

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