Bahrain opposition rally draws more than 10,000

The Associated Press reports:

More than 10,000 demonstrators joined Bahrain’s first public rally in months Saturday as the leader of the Gulf nation’s main Shiite political party urged backers to press ahead with peaceful protests for greater political rights after fierce crackdowns by security forces.

The event carried twin messages in a nation wracked by unrest since February when protesters took to the streets, inspired by successful uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

The Sunni monarchy controlling Bahrain allowed the rally in a bid to ease tensions and open dialogue with Shiite-led groups. For opposition forces, the gathering was a chance to voice their demands and show resolve after facing relentless pressure from the Western-backed government, including martial law-style rules removed earlier this month.

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One thought on “Bahrain opposition rally draws more than 10,000

  1. Phlipn Pagee

    The AP spin in this story is the Bahrain government allowed this protest. The Bahrain government did not assault the protesters this time because of the world is becoming aware of King Hamad al Khalifa’s and the House of Saud’s crimes against Humanity in Bahrain. All to often the streets must run red with the blood of those who seek democracy. The great tragedy here is President Obama, Commander and Chief of the Navy’s Fifth Fleet Stationed in Bahrain, could easily insist that al Khalifa make immediate reforms as cease brutality against the democracy seekers and Human Rights defenders. He does not because of Obama’s desperate desire for reelection sits in the lurch as the US economy goes down the tubes with cheap oil a mitigating factor to the fantasy of US economic recovery. As capitalism collapses it seems anything goes in it’s existential gasp to preserve it’s hegemony enjoyed in the Middle East thorough the strength of dictators, Kings and Tyrants. It is the End Times for these evil men of torture, murders and oppression. Democracy will prevail no matter the scourge, the will of the people cannot be broken as these nation have grown to be powerful in their own right and the people now posses the means and desire for self determination. The beast of revolution now stares down the throats of evil men who are soon to see a just demise.

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