One thought on “Israeli Occupying forces attacked Naksa day demonstration in Qalandiya, June 5

  1. DE Teodoru

    Gee, I never saw Israelis look so “strong” as they do wrapped in armor and arms facing Palestinian girls. You know, they were never really tested in real war. Their toughness comes from absurd odds. Let’s pay them to fight in Afghanistan and see how they deal with the Taliban where their tanks and planes are useless. Luckily a few Israelis are real mensch and see through all this military bravado. But one thing is clear, without a glutted pipeline from the Pentagon and incredibly uneven odds, they can’t hold up for as soon as they lose people they run– Lebanon 2006. Where were all these brave men in WWII? They were home in America making war movies or in Palestine making deals with Hitlers representatives behind the backs of their British defenders.

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