3 thoughts on “The revolution business

  1. bobs

    So the White Man did it! And, if the fat bald guy is right, George W. Bush did it!

    Or maybe a white Serb trying to sell video games did it — ” because revolutionaries don’t read any more” (Hmm, did Borat help with the script?)

    I saw this one guy on Tahrir Square sipping a Coke. Was Coca Cola in on it, too?

  2. MB

    I agree with Bobs — whilst the central premise of the film is probably partially true, it vastly over simplifies all the other groupings at work in these changes.

    Still, worth considering.

  3. Norman

    Interesting film. As far as training goes, that was known at the start of these so called revolutions, that the leaders were given training in the U.S. But, the implementation came purely from the people, regardless of who provided the seeds. Perhaps telling is the present goings on in the surrounding countries of the M.E. War in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain. Of course, Iraq and Afghanistan are still under occupation by the U.S. and what of Pakistan and their Nuclear weapons?

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