3 thoughts on “Israeli thugs beat up non-violent Palestinian protesters in Nabi Saleh

  1. BillVZ

    Of course ‘thugs’ applies to the police and IOF as well.
    In case there are those who might have missed this- here is another filmed example of their actions.

    Maureen Clare Murphy presents the following for viewing:

    American Jewish activist and university student Lucas Koerner was arrested in Jerusalem on 1 June — when thousands of right-wing Israelis, including settlers, marked “Jerusalem Day” by provocatively marching through Palestinian East Jerusalem to celebrate the “unification” of the city.
    Koerner’s violent arrest by Israeli police was captured on video and has been viewed by a quarter of a million persons at the time of publication.
    Her article gives some insightful background and follow up of the ‘arrest’ also.

  2. eddy mason

    Why would the palestinian people agree to anything but sending these animals back to where they came from? Who could live in peace with these nutters? What are they so afraid of ?

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