Protest organizer jailed by Israeli court for year

Ma’an News Agency reports:

The Ofer Israeli military court sentenced popular protest coordinator Naji At-Tamimi to one year of imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 shekels ($2,914), his colleagues said.

Naji and Basem At-Tamimi were taken by Israeli forces from their homes in April and held without charge.

Naji was charged with inciting and participating in rallies and organizing demonstrations against Israeli land confiscation and settlement building. Israel has declared such demonstrations illegal.

In a statement released shortly after the sentencing was handed down, the Popular Struggle Committee in Nabi Saleh, where Naji is from, said it rejected Israel’s characterization of the protests as illegal, and said it considered the sentencing of Tamimi for his role in the protests as a “violation of the law,” noting it prevented Palestinians from defending their property.

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One thought on “Protest organizer jailed by Israeli court for year

  1. Norman

    Wake up America, this is what will be coming down the road. Think not? Get off your couch’s, look around you, see what is happening right before your very eyes. Israel is the forerunner in the stripping of their citizens rights. Considering the past performance of the Congress of the U.S. fawning over the BiBi, well, as I said, it’s coming.

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