Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV

The Ma’an News Agency reports:

Undercover Israeli intelligence officers appeared on national television Saturday to talk about assassinating Palestinians in a program broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10.

Oren Beaton presented a photo album of Palestinians he killed during his time as a commander of an undercover Israeli unit operating in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Beaton explained that he kept photos of his victims.

“This is a photo of a Palestinian young man called Basim Subeih who I killed. This is another young man. I shredded his body, and the photo shows the remnants of his body,” he said.

The TV program also featured an undercover agent referred to as “D”, who openly admitted killing “wanted Palestinians.”

He complained of suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and said that the state had rejected his demands for compensation.

The Channel 10 presenter appealed to the Israeli government to meet the agent’s demands.

“Those are the Shin Bet agents we only hear about and never see, and thanks to them we live safely,” she said.

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2 thoughts on “Israeli undercover agents boast of killing Palestinians on TV

  1. Norman

    I’m sure AIPAC will donate to the medical needs of those poor souls who now feel guilty for their crimes against humanity. How low of a level, can a people sink? It’s these kind of displays that are telling. Explain how acts like that show the world the Israelis are civilized and should be given free hands in dealing with any other ethnic group?

  2. Yonatan

    Interesting . Prior to the Iraq wars, a number of propoganda stories were published about Saddam Hussein to show how evil he was. One of them claimed that he ordered incubators to be taken from hospitals in Kuwait with the infants left to die. We know that that was an act put on by a Kuwaiti stooge. Another story claimed that Saddam Hussein shredded people he had tortured. I always wondered where this story came from. Perhaps we now have an answer.

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