2 thoughts on “Joseph Dana speaks to Al Jazeera about taking part in the latest flotilla to Gaza

  1. Norman

    I’m amazed that no other viewers care to make a comment here. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t do any good to comment, or maybe because if they do, then they put themselves at risk of being labeled a sympathizer who doesn’t believe the Israeli P.R., which of course, the U.S. is bound to back out of consideration of in deference to AIPAC at home, the power brokers in Israel.

  2. katharinaa.a

    Being an activist for Palestine from Austria, I am following the whole event very closely
    specially as I was supposed to sail on the MM.
    I wish you all the luck you need for this important mission to carry on, already
    you have achieved a very big headache for Bibi and Co.
    All the best

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