Anonymous declares cyberwar against Orlando

The New York Times reports:

The hacker group Anonymous has declared a cyberwar against the City of Orlando, disabling Web sites for the city’s leading redevelopment organization, the local Fraternal Order of Police and the mayor’s re-election campaign.

Anonymous, a large yet loosely formed group of hackers that claimed responsibility for crashing the Web sites of MasterCard and the Church of Scientology, began attacking the Orlando-based Web sites earlier this week.

The group described its attacks as punishment for the city’s recent practice of arresting members of Orlando Food Not Bombs, an antipoverty group that provides vegan and vegetarian meals twice a week to homeless people in one of the city’s largest parks.

“Anonymous believes that people have the right to organize, that people have the right to give to the less fortunate and that people have the right to commit acts of kindness and compassion,” the group’s members said in a news release and video posted on YouTube on Thursday. “However, it appears the police and your lawmakers of Orlando do not.”

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2 thoughts on “Anonymous declares cyberwar against Orlando

  1. Steve

    It seems now that this is the only way that ordinary people can effectively fight back against the increasingly fascist corporate state evolving out of the rubble of the shattered dream that was democracy.

  2. Norman

    Just as the 60’s began last century, so too, is this decade, do we have issues that are sorely tearing this country apart. Now, as then, the F.B.I. was/is active in their infiltration of any group that thinks their government is too corrupt to take care of the citizens. We now have the D.E.A. attacking the Marijuana dispensary’s where sick & dying seniors obtain their “Medicine”, the I.R.S. going after the owners intending to shut them down, the T.S.A. who terrorize ever person who dares to fly in an aeroplane, while Wall Street continues to loot the treasury, Businesses are on welfare, lay off workers while stuffing their pockets with $$$$$’s. Of course,so are all the elected ones too.

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