US captain of Gaza ship held in ‘shocking conditions’

AFP reports:

The captain of a US vessel intercepted after it tried to defy a ban and sail for Gaza from Greece is being held in “shocking conditions” Sunday and has not received consular assistance, a lawyer said.

Captain John Klusmer was arrested when the US boat Audacity of Hope — the flagship in a flotilla of pro-Palestinian activists — attempted to leave Greek waters on Friday after Athens banned all Gaza-bound ships from setting sail.

Klusmer was charged with felony and ordered to appear in court on Tuesday. The US Boat to Gaza organisation said he was being held in jail in “shocking conditions” and as far as it was aware, had not yet received consular assistance.

New York lawyer Richard Levy — a passenger on the boat who has visited Klusmer in jail in a port town near Athens — told enraged US activists that “he had no bed or toilet in his cell, and is receiving no food or water.”

US Boat to Gaza is asking Americans to call the US Embassy in Athens: 011-30-210-721-2951. “Insist they fulfill their duty and pressure Greece to release our captain & boat.”

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2 thoughts on “US captain of Gaza ship held in ‘shocking conditions’

  1. isadore ducasse

    what the fehk! is, uh, israel somehow gonna help greece with it’s debt?
    greasy effin tactics if that is the case – which eye think it is anyways –
    shooting a pile of shekels to athens to soften its collapse – udderwise
    known as a bribe – and bye the way, ain’t that illegal in most of the
    whirled… and a lot of help the u.s embassy is gonna give, duty or naught

  2. Norman

    To the above questioner, the “O” is dependent on the Jewish community, AIPAC as well as the Wall Street Bankers, who all happen to be of Jewish linage, as well as the Israelis, for his reelection money. If they don’t give it, then “O” loses. Simple. At the beck and call he is.

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