Pamela Geller condemns victims of terrorism in Norway

Anyone can denounce violence. Ku Klux Klan leaders and all sorts of other hatemongers are well practiced in making pro forma statements about being law-abiding, peace-loving Americans. So when Pamela Geller says “I abhor violence” but then goes on to describe the victims of Anders Behring Breivik’s shooting rampage as members of an “indoctrination camp” who can reasonably be compared to Hitler Youth, we all know what she’s really saying: they had it coming.

Charles Johnson writes:

After spending a few days mouthing the expected rote denunciations of Oslo terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, Pamela Geller was clearly chafing at the bit to get back to her usual fare, and today she did just that by attacking Breivik’s victims: SUMMER CAMP? ANTISEMITIC INDOCTRINATION TRAINING CENTER!!!!!! – Atlas Shrugs.

She agrees with Breivik’s assessment of the camp, wholeheartedly. According to Geller, the children at the camp were being indoctrinated with “a pro-Islamic agenda,” and the “jihad-loving media” are hiding it from true patriots like her.

She’s careful to mouth more platitudes about deploring any kind of violence — except “self defense” — but then makes the same argument Breivik made: that the camp was turning out enemies of Western civilization.

If you follow Geller’s argument to its sickening logical conclusion, it leads directly to Anders Behring Breivik.

As for Geller’s glaring ignorance about Norwegian society, it’s summed up here where she describes the function of the Labour party “indoctrination camp”:

It’s so the junior members of the aristocracy can be properly told what to think and can network with each other in preparation for their brilliant careers ruling over the peasants.

The peasants? Norway happens to have the most educated population in the world. And when it comes to distribution of wealth, Norway is in reality the kind of country most Americans dream they could live.

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1 thought on “Pamela Geller condemns victims of terrorism in Norway

  1. dickerson3870

    RE: “Pamela Geller condemns victims of terrorism in Norway”

    ANOTHER BIRD OF THE SAME FEATHER: To Post Ombud, Critics of ‘Muslims Did It’ Blogger Are the Real Monsters, by Peter Hart, FAIR Blog, 08/01/11

    (excerpts) Washington Post ombud Patrick Pexton weighed in yesterday (7/31/11) on the criticisms of right-wing Post blogger Jennifer Rubin. She was among a handful of media personalities who declared the Norway terror attacks to be the work of Muslim jihadists…
    …it’s hard to fathom what she wrote when she did check in– one of the only criticisms Pexton seems to think is legitimate:

    When she went online at 8 p.m. Saturday, her mea culpa post on Norway was the first thing she posted, although its tone also hurt her, particularly this sentence, which struck many readers as borderline racist: “There are many more jihadists than blond Norwegians out to kill Americans, and we should keep our eye on the systemic and far more potent threats that stem from an ideological war with the West.”

    Pexton goes on [and] offers some mush about the ideological divide…


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