Anti-Arab sentiment in Israel

Eli Ungar-Sargon writes:

Over the past three years, my wife Pennie and I have been working on a documentary film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During our second production trip to the region, one of the many remarkable people we encountered was Uri Davis. He is one of a handful of Israelis who has built a life for himself among the Palestinians of the West Bank. This made him a very interesting subject for our film, which examines the practical and moral failings of the two-state solution.

During our interview with Davis, one of the questions we asked was whether he had encountered any anti-Semitism in the West Bank. The question was motivated by a desire on our part to address a narrative — prevalent among American and Israeli Jews — which claims that anti-Semitism is an obvious feature of Palestinian culture.

As these two groups are an important part of our target audience, we felt that it was our responsibility to address this perception. Who better to ask about the veracity of this narrative than a Jew living among Palestinians? Davis answered by saying that although Palestinian anti-Semitism does exist, it is a marginal phenomenon, while anti-Arab sentiment among Israelis is a mainstream phenomenon. Shortly after the interview, it occurred to us that we could either substantiate or disprove Davis’s provocative statement with our cameras.

Trailer for the upcoming documentary “A People Without a Land”:

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One thought on “Anti-Arab sentiment in Israel

  1. Norman

    How ironic this is today. The Jews left Palestine way back when, then in 1948 came back, establishing with the British blessing, the state of Israel. Stealing would be a good name for what they did, expelling the Palestinians in the process. They haven’t stopped stealing the lands to this very day. All along the route, they have used the race/guilt card to anyone who questioned their intent. Somehow, they got control of the U.S. Government and enjoyed such as a back up to commit what today is no different than what they endured through the ages in Europe. Apartheid, the walls, ethnic cleansing, iron fist control, all the while whining that they are the underdogs.

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