Egypt’s #Flagman is honored

Al-Masry Al-Youm reports:

The governor of Zagazig on Tuesday honored Ahmed al-Shahat, the young man who pulled down the Israeli flag from the Israel Embassy and replaced it with the Egyptian flag during anti-Israel protests on Saturday.

Protesters have been staging demonstrations before the Israeli Embassy in Giza since last week, following the death of five Egyptian soldiers at the hands of Israeli forces.

Residents of the city cheered Shahat upon his arrival and held a big celebration for him.

“I did it to please millions of Egyptians and Arabs,” Shahat said.

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2 thoughts on “Egypt’s #Flagman is honored

  1. BillVZ

    Out of conflict often times an unlikely hero emerges. The Flag Man in Egypt in a stirring performance as act of Egyptian anger towards Israel before a captive audience of the Egyptian people became instant hero to millions across the Arab world.
    Today out of the economy mess United States and its people find themselves in ; another hero has arisen. Warren Buffet in a heroic act, not for the people- but for the business investors of corporate America, has bailed out Bank of America with an investment of five billion dollars.
    Ahmed al-Shahat was rewarded with a huge celebration of appreciation, a home and employment.
    Warren Buffet was rewarded ,an hour after the deal was announced, with a profit on paper of $500 million on the stock warrants he acquired thanks to a surge in Bank of America’s stock price.

    Wouldn’t it be fitting if the American people flooded Wall Street in protest and a Flag Man emerges to remove, as a act of protest, the corporate flag of America that hangs on the doors of the Stock Exchange?

  2. BillVZ


    It seems that my musings for a Flag Man hero to arise just might really happen.

    From AnonOps Communication
    Please show up and let your voice be heard as we work together to plan the September 17th occupation of Wall Street. We plan to flood lower Manhattan and occupy Wall Street with protesters to show the masses desire for REAL radical change. Take the government, the country back from corporations!
    Check out their web site for a great photo and explanation.

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