One thought on “Why won’t the African Union back the Libyan rebels?

  1. Christopher Hoare

    One supposes the AU has discounted the degree to which it’s blind support for Qaddhafi draws the attention of the world to Africa’s own record of murderous dictatorships and governments with questionable custodianship of their nations’ wealth. The perception is that the support for Qaddhafi’s regime is directly proportional to the amount of money (rightfully belonging to the Libayn people) and political grandstanding that benefitted the supposed skeptical leaders.

    The twenty nations who have recognised the Libyan rebels are a welcome dissenting group that appear to value the safety of national populations over the ideology of fanatical and rapacious politicians. This group will grow in the future and the foot dragging of the others will be as much a political embarrassment are as the actions of Guido Westerwelle, the foreign minister of Germany.

    One must also note that political correspondents with views available for purchase; here, one might include Pepe Escobar who writes for Asia Times; are building up the idea of illegality of the National Comittee, and allegations of intention to restore a dictatorship of their own with questionable evidence. They are serving great power interests (particularly China) in a neo-colonial episode disguised as foreign aid and commercial development.

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