U.N. experts say Israel’s blockade of Gaza illegal

Reuters reports:

Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip violates international law, a panel of human rights experts reporting to a U.N. body said on Tuesday, disputing a conclusion reached by a separate U.N. probe into Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid ship.

The so-called Palmer Report on the Israeli raid of May 2010 that killed nine Turkish activists said earlier this month that Israel had used unreasonable force in last year’s raid, but its naval blockade of the Hamas-ruled strip was legal.

A panel of five independent U.N. rights experts reporting to the U.N. Human Rights Council rejected that conclusion, saying the blockade had subjected Gazans to collective punishment in “flagrant contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law.”

The four-year blockade deprived 1.6 million Palestinians living in the enclave of fundamental rights, they said.

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3 thoughts on “U.N. experts say Israel’s blockade of Gaza illegal

  1. Joseph Partida

    tell us something we don’t know. now if we could get the us corporate media to report it, we will see how quickly they will dismiss it.

  2. Norman

    Getting the U.S. corporate media to report anything against Israel is a nonstarter. Consider who owns the M.S.M. in the U.S. today. It shills the Government P.R., no matter what it is, along with what ever Israeli anti everybody else may be.

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