Jewish settlers: ‘We will slaughter Arabs’

Ma’an News Agency reports:

Jewish settlers on Sunday hung posters displaying anti-Arab slogans on the main road between Hebron and Jerusalem, local officials said.

The mayor of al-Khader, near Bethlehem, Ramzi Salah told Ma’an that some of the slogans read: “This is the land of our fathers and grandfathers,” and “This is the land of Israel.”

The posters were displayed near settlements along route 60 between Hebron and Jerusalem, as well as near the village of Jaba and in the East Jerusalem towns of Eizariya and Abu Dis, Salah added.

Member of the local anti-wall committee in al-Khader Ahmad Salah told Ma’an that some of the posters along route 60 read “We will slaughter Arabs.” Posters were also displayed on the fence surrounding Efrat settlement south of Bethlehem, he added.

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One thought on “Jewish settlers: ‘We will slaughter Arabs’

  1. Christopher Hoare

    I would suggest this is a problem for the Israeli government rather than the Palestinians. Having allowed these armed camps of would be terrorists to establish themselves within the occupied lands they are responsible for, they have no power to rein them in when they attempt to put these boasts of international crimes into effect. Ergo, the world’s nations must do the job, effectively delegitimizing the international status of the government of Israel for its failure to uphold the duties of a state.

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