New U.N. Sec Gen report slams Israeli occupation justice system

Roee Ruttenberg writes: In the last twenty-four hours, so much attention has been given to Palestinians with Israeli “blood on their hands” being released from prison, but little-to-no attention has been given to Israelis with Palestinian “blood on their hands” who never went to prison in the first place. A new report by the United Nation’s Secretary General calls into question the double standard.

In one of the harshest reports, if not THE harshest reports, issued by the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon has strongly criticized Israel’s continued post-1967 occupation of Palestinian territory, the expansion of its population into those territories, and – notably – the continued attacks against the Arab population that already lives there and the impunity for the Israelis involved in those attacks. Secretary Ban’s report goes further to suggest that in many cases, the Israeli military is not only complicit in the attacks against the Palestinian population, but sometimes supportive or directly involved.

The report offers a number of examples of lacking justice:

On 27 January 2011, an 18-year-old Palestinian grazing his goats on his land was shot dead at point blank range by a settler on Palestinian land south of the village of Iraq Burin. Footage of the killing captured by a security camera appeared in various media.

On 15 February 2011, an 18-year-old Palestinian from the village of Jalud south of Nablus, which is surrounded by six Israeli settlements and ‘outputs,’ was shot in his stomach with live ammunition by one of three settlers from a distance of about 40 metres. The settlers then fled towards Kida settlement.

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2 thoughts on “New U.N. Sec Gen report slams Israeli occupation justice system

  1. Norman

    This report I’m sure, will bring out the cries of antisemitism faction, the same ones we’ve been hearing since the end of W.W.II, going on 70 years ago. The sniveling & whining that the Israelis engage in today, is nothing less than nauseating. They have become the very thing they call everyone else.

  2. scottindallas

    you sure it will get that much press? They won’t say a peep until someone refers to it. When none of our ignorant citizens have read it, they will say it’s anti-semitic, and therefore, wasn’t paid any attention by serious people.

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