Palestinians hit by cyber-attack following success at Unesco

The Guardian reports: Internet services in the West Bank and Gaza have come under “sustained attack” by unknown hackers in multiple locations, according to officials.

“There has been a sustained attack since the morning from many sources in many countries,” said Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib. “It is deliberate and continuous.”

Computer experts were trying to identify the sources of the attack and the authority would seek assistance from the governments of those countries involved, he said. The attack had interrupted services, causing internet connections to range from “very, very slow to completely stopped”.

The authority has no idea who was behind the cyber- attack and the reason for it, Khatib said.

The telecoms minister, Mashour Abu Daqqa, told Reuters that “all Palestinian IP addresses have been exposed to a focused, organised attack from abroad. I think this is organised by a state”.

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One thought on “Palestinians hit by cyber-attack following success at Unesco

  1. BillVZ

    There is little doubt that cyber offensives are a growing segment of warfare as evidenced by a recent New York Times.
    “Cyber warfare is a lot like biological warfare. It’s hard to stop. It’s uncontrollable. It can bite you in the ass,” said one US official.”

    The authority has no idea who was behind the cyber- attack and the reason for it. Really? Look no further:
    According to the information below from an article in Truth- Out, the cyber warriors and the gurus at the big three US big Tech corporations might well have used it in the West Bank and Gaza as a trial run:
    According to former and serving US intelligence officials, leaders of the three major software companies, Sergey Brin at Google, Steve Ballmer at Microsoft and Larry Ellison at Oracle have been working with Israel’s top cyber warriors and have now come up with a new version of a Stuxnet-like worm that can bring down Iran’s entire software networks if the Iranian regime gets too close to breakout(?), according to US intelligence sources.This new Stuxnet worm is being advanced by administration and intelligence officials as a more powerful tool with a stronger range and capability than the previous version. Officials want this new cyber capability to derail any military action that could result in a regional war.
    One would suppose that if such warfare hit Israel, the US or Britain it would be considered an act of war by who ever was the source. Yet the US and the media can drum up this stuff for its pleasure.

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