2 thoughts on “Inside Story – Can the Arab League end bloodshed in Syria?

  1. dmaak112

    The hypocrisy of Arab League expulsion of Syria appears to have no bounds. Under the guise of democracy and protection for civilians, the leaders in this decision apparently have no mirrors in their country. Yemen is in a state of civil war. Bahrain is already suppressing their people–with the military help of Saudi Arabia (probably with US backing as well). Qatar and UAE are fearful that their own Shiite citizens may also call for democracy. Saudi Arabia is allergic to free elections of its leaders. Egypt, thankfully, has gotten back to real government–generals in charge. Jordan has its own land mine with more than half of its population being Palestinian refugees or their descendants–better make sure the bedouin keep tight control over the army and police. Lebanon and Iraq? They make a strong case of what happens when the central government collapses and ethnic and sectarian elements rise up. As the world passes judgment on the sins of Bashar al-Assad, it should be remembered that we are not omniscient and our views are subject to our prejudices. The temptation of another Mideast military adventure should be resisted. The turmoil that is now engulfing Syria could well become catastrophic for its citizens as well as resulting in unintended consequences.

  2. john

    Im sorry ,but why cite aljazeera on middle eastern question?After all it is Qatars mouthpiece…here is bibi nethanyahuu touring and recieving warm welcome at aljazeera studios.. SEE BIBI NETHANYAHu TOURING STATION)

    Author: Rabi, Uzi As the only Gulf state to maintain official relations with Israel, the Qatari government has charted a distinctly independent route in foreign policy. Qatar has steadily improved its relations with Israel since the 1991 Gulf War, and was the first Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) state to grant de facto recognition to Israel. Since 1996, Doha has hosted an Israeli trade representation office, which has provoked sharp criticism from neighboring states.
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    aljazeera credibility?Please!

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