The neocons have finally snapped

M.J. Rosenberg writes: Any doubt we might have that the Israeli right has lost its mind should be eliminated by the latest column from one of its most prominent media figures, Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post.

Glick, a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, has flipped out over some remarks (which we’ll get to later) made last week by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman. And here is how she explains those remarks.

Her first explanation is that “the Obama administration is an ideological echo chamber in which only certain positions are permitted.”

Restrained by ideological thought police that outlaw critical thought about the dominant forces in the Islamic world today, US officials have little choice but to place all the blame for everything that goes wrong on the one society they are free to criticize — Israel.

That, in itself, borders on hilarious.

Anyone who pays even a modicum of attention to the Middle East knows that rather than “place all the blame for everything” on Israel, the Obama administration blames Israel for nothing while providing more foreign aid to Israel than to any other country, supporting it on every issue at the United Nations — often against America’s own interests — and never, ever attaching any conditions to our aid or support (as we do with every other country in the world).

The only thing President Obama has asked of Israel during his entire term is for a three-month settlement freeze, to which Israel said no. (Prime Minister Netanyahu himself says Obama has earned a “badge of honor” for his uncritical support for Israel.)

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4 thoughts on “The neocons have finally snapped

  1. rosemerry

    Incredible! Six Muslim countries at least being attacked and occupied by the USA, Iran being vilified and blamed for things only Israel is allowed to do (‘in secret), frantic searches globally for anyone who is a Muslim terrorist as defined by Obama, one jailed Israeli and thousands of Muslims and Christians in US prisons (one Jew, Bernie Madoff-are there any others)? This is the country that criticises Israel??? The whole US Congress bowing down 29 times at the eloquence of the Israeli PM- criticism? Boats trying to break a cruel illegal blockade of Gaza thrown to the lions in Israel by a caring US government, while US citizens are forcibly dragged to Israel, robbed, jailed and accused of entering it illegally?? Glick????Who believes this stuff?

  2. dickerson3870

    RE: “Restrained by ideological thought police that outlaw critical thought about the dominant forces in the Islamic world today, US officials have little choice but to place all the blame for everything that goes wrong on the one society they are free to criticize — Israel.” ~ Caroline Glick


    “…You can shine your shoes and wear a suit.
    You can comb your hair and look quite cute
    You can hide your face behind a smile
    One thing you can’t hide
    Is when you’re crippled inside…”

    John Lennon: “Crippled Inside” (VIDEO, 03:56) –

  3. DE Teodoru

    Glick seems to have one problem that predominates her outlook: she’s ugly!

    Her unfortunate state she avenges– for it must be the fault of the damned god of the goyim and Arabs….as much an “anti-Semite” as all of them….that she’s so ugly– with chutzpah in her in-print condemnations. The illusion of beauty that she can’t acquire for herself, she vicariously attributes to the Zionazis. This she has done as a career for decades and what better place to do it than the JERUSALEM POST, as few Israelis read it; rather, it is read by the comfy Diaspora neocons who can have their cake and eat it too: living well off the military-industrial complex in the Diaspora by propagandizing in favor of $billions wasted on strategic weapons and the sending of others to die in the wars they advocate. From their “think-tank” pretend-houses-of-intellect they pass themselves off as scholars while feeling an illusory sense of “mensch-hood” calling for someone else– not they or theirs– to do the fighting they deem sooooo essential.

    Glick’s Zionazi advocacy is a long trail in print. It hasn’t made her any less ugly but, like the neocons it gave her a faux sense of gravitas. It is worth noting, however; she and the neocons living joke in Israel, seen as squawking war-chickens. Fortunately, Israel is full of responsible and humane intellectuals that thrive on reason, be they pretty or ugly. Glick, this little attended to “signifying monkey,” need not be taken as the voice of Israel….not even that of the Israeli right. Even the latter is more nuanced! She reflects only the puny DIASPORA neocons who seek the feel of manhood through bravura. Far too many Israelis love democracy and peace while recognizing the difference between fighting for security vs. killing only to steal land from others; concequwntly, few bother with Glick. But, unless in Israel, one might not realize how irrelevant she and her Zionazi neocon friends really are. Let’s not waste our aging eyes myopically and let us look far beyond her.

  4. John Somebody

    Less criticism of a nutter’s physical appearance, please.

    It diminishes the perceived value of worthwhile criticism, mixed in somewhere with it.

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