2 thoughts on “Has war with Iran already begun?

  1. Norman

    Since when does a fascist leadership from a foreign country tell the U.S. who & what it will do? It’s time that the U.S. tells Israel to either make peace, or the U.S. isn’t going to shield it anymore. Then we shall see once & for all, just what they are all about. In fact, the west should insist the whole M.E. be Nuclear free, no exceptions. To allow a country of 7 million to hold ransom the rest of the world, well, draw your own conclusion.

  2. charlie

    Well norman, its not going to happen because the Jewish Defense league and other lobbying groups have positioned themselves where both parties are beholding and yes scared of the lobbying groups supporting israel. I read where the U.S. sends the equlivant of $30,000 per person in “aid” to israel each years, In the form of direct grants, “guarenteed loans” etc.

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