Targeting Iran

I’m not a fan of Rick Steves’ PBS travelogues, but superficial as it might be, seeing a tourist eye’s view of Iran isn’t such a bad way of normalizing perceptions of this endlessly demonized country.

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2 thoughts on “Targeting Iran

  1. Norman

    Very enlightening this Christmas Eve. Thanks for including it, for we certainly don’t hear anything about it from our Government, except how evil they are. I should add, that Israel, is the instigator behind all this war mongering talk. I wonder, just how far the Israelis will try to extend their Empire, as they seem to be doing such today, going after Syria, then into Iraq? Arrogance is like a two edged sword, it can destroy the one who wields it, just as it can destroy the one who it’s thrust at.

  2. dmaak112

    The fight for influence in the Gulf region has moved from Iraq to Iran. Presently, there are a number of groups who are pushing for a war with Iran. With widening paranoia, Israel wants an Iran-US war. GCC views its Shiite citizens with suspicion and fears Tehran’s potential to assert its power. Saudi et al push for an Iran-US war is a given. Inside the beltway, the wonks of the endless war against terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are issuing dire predictions. The military, the homeland defense establishment, the war manufacturers, let alone spineless politicians have much to gain with Iran-US war. It has already started. Spy satellites and the recent loss of a drone demonstrates just one aspect. When President Obama failed to draw Bashar al-Asad away from Tehran, Plan B was pushed–the removal of his regime. Major media coverage avoids any article or letter to the editor that dares question the propaganda in the overthrow of the Syrian government. The turmoil and its outside support that feeds it and expands it has more to do with the Iran-US Mideast chess game than with democracy.

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