Hamas’s Haniya applauds, Israel denounces PLO unity moves

AFP reports: The Hamas premier of Gaza, Ismail Haniya, praised steps toward reconciliation taken by the Islamist group and its former rival Fatah, which were angrily denounced in Israel.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal took steps in Cairo on Thursday towards reforming the Fatah-dominated Palestine Liberation Organisation, such that Hamas could join.

“We want to pursue positive dialogue with Fatah from this point”, Haniya told journalists.

“Practical measures must however be taken, like the liberation of political prisoners from Hamas detained by Fatah,” he said, adding that Fatah must also stop its repeated questioning of Hamas supporters during investigations.

The reconciliation moves drew an angry response from Israel, with one minister saying the Jewish state must now annex more territory to ensure the safety of its citizens in case “terrorist” Hamas gains influence in the West Bank.

“This alarming rapprochement between Abu Mazen (Abbas) and Hamas is aimed at forming a government that one can only say is aimed at bringing about a genocide,” Transport Minister Israel Katz of the right-wing Likud party said.

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2 thoughts on “Hamas’s Haniya applauds, Israel denounces PLO unity moves

  1. Sharon-Marie Gulliver

    That is more like it.We need to see the moves to unite all Palestinians.
    That sends a very powerful message to other fractured Arabic Countries,
    The whole world of conscious enhancement freedoms and dignity welcome such an auspicious moves.
    For the more ill Israel does the sicker it becomes and death is imminent ! there is no cure for even their hegemonic desire to Rule from their hair brained scheme of which America is so lap doggy to their violent desires No Temple To Solomon will ever be errected We know the plan who’s pushing for an Armageddon to bring this 1860’s plan into fruition .Remember America we all so know your sick Masonic history Wake up Wake up your past ain’t so great . There is a mighty Army you will face and all that you do to purpertrate violence at the will of the select few is going to blow up in your face.think it’s time to leave other countries to fashion their own futures don’t you? Keep up the wonderful progress for the Dream Palestine. 🙂

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