Yemen’s Saleh says he is going to U.S.

Al Jazeera reports: Yemeni security forces in Sanaa have shot at protesters marching against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who on his part said he would go to the United States in order to allow an interim government to prepare for an election to replace him, but did not specify when he would leave.

Saleh, speaking to reporters after forces loyal to him fired at protesters demanding he face trial for killing demonstrators over 11 months of protests, said he had no designs on staying in power.

“I will go to the United States. Not for treatment, because I’m fine, but to get away from attention, cameras, and allow the unity government to prepare properly for elections,” he said on Saturday.

“I’ll be there for several days, but I’ll return because I won’t leave my people and comrades who have been steadfast for 11 months,” he said. “I’ll withdraw from political work and go into the street as part of the opposition.”

Forces reportedly killed at least nine protesters when they opened fire to stop the tens of thousands who set off from the southern city of Taiz on Tuesday for the 270km march to the capital.

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3 thoughts on “Yemen’s Saleh says he is going to U.S.

  1. Sharon-Marie Gulliver

    I hope they do not allow him to leave i pray they will put him in the town square
    with his evil backers how disgusting is it to hold on to power when the message has been
    so clear for months America ..Clinton’s have a spare room for their possible
    guest perhaps?

  2. Tom Hall

    Surely the United States can provide accommodation for this gentleman. Men of similar character- torturers, terrorists, deposed tyrants, have found a welcome there. The US, after all, is founded on the principle of equality, and I see no reason why President Saleh should be treated differently from his fellow miscreants. But the thought of him returning to Yemen to lead a movement of political opposition is in every sense of the word, revolting.

  3. sharon-marie

    No my friend hes going to get another load of …yip you got it Clinton /Bush Al Quiada agents..wonder where this new lot will come from ..over crowed Mexican/Latino/Afro american inmates …??just putting a wild thought into the mix here ..though its not difficult to question the possibilities aye.

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