How to save Iraq from civil war

Ayad Allawi, leader of the Iraqiya coalition and former prime minister of Iraq, Osama al-Nujaifi, speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, and finance minister Rafe al-Essawi, write: Iraq today stands on the brink of disaster. President Obama kept his campaign pledge to end the war here, but it has not ended the way anyone in Washington wanted. The prize, for which so many American soldiers believed they were fighting, was a functioning democratic and nonsectarian state. But Iraq is now moving in the opposite direction — toward a sectarian autocracy that carries with it the threat of devastating civil war.

Since Iraq’s 2010 election, we have witnessed the subordination of the state to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s Dawa party, the erosion of judicial independence, the intimidation of opponents and the dismantling of independent institutions intended to promote clean elections and combat corruption. All of this happened during the Arab Spring, while other countries were ousting dictators in favor of democracy. Iraq had a chance to demonstrate, for the first time in the modern Middle East, that political power could peacefully pass between political rivals following proper elections. Instead, it has become a battleground of sects, in which identity politics have crippled democratic development.

We are leaders of Iraqiya, the political coalition that won the most seats in the 2010 election and represents more than a quarter of all Iraqis. We do not think of ourselves as Sunni or Shiite, but as Iraqis, with a constituency spanning the entire country. We are now being hounded and threatened by Mr. Maliki, who is attempting to drive us out of Iraqi political life and create an authoritarian one-party state.

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2 thoughts on “How to save Iraq from civil war

  1. Susan

    Americans may have believed it, but it was total bullshit:

    “The prize, for which so many American soldiers believed they were fighting, was a functioning democratic and nonsectarian state.”

    Of course, the lies about WMDs were total bullshit too. And lots of Americans believed that bullshit.

    And the fact is, overall violence in Iraq has gone DOWN as US troops removed themselves from Iraqi cities, and I expect that overall, that will continue.

    The US government needs to keep it’s business and it’s war toys and it’s meddling to withing the confines of the USA. Right now, the US government is arming both Iraq and Saudi Arabia, because they want to see more wars for fun and profit.

  2. sharon-marie

    Yip! totally inappropriate mind ! Their attitude to life is a totally the other side of the coin to what they act out in light of the camera..yuki..collateral damage when asked if the killing of over children madeline Albright ,and Clinton the blood thirsty B
    say’ yes we think its worth it!!’ now speak to me the game they play..yes the old mafia soliders are getting near their end so how about a big show of destruction mayhem and madness on the world stage you sons of btchs.Bush you are old man evil your new world order.piff.

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