Geert Wilders has something against Islam

Christopher Dickey writes: A couple of years ago, a billboard appeared outside Columbia, S.C., looming above Interstate 26. Beady eyes stared out from a black balaclava emblazoned with an inscription from the Quran—clearly the eyes were meant to be those of a terrorist—and next to them were these words: “ISLAM RISING … BE WARNED.”

Erected by the Virginia-based Christian Action Network, the sign advertised the group’s documentary about a charismatic Dutch politician with dyed-blond hair, a mysterious past, and a platform of paranoid hate. South Carolina seemed to offer a ready audience for Geert Wilders’s dire warnings against the Muslim religion. Today, with the Republican road show encamped in the state for the Jan. 21 presidential primary, the 48-year-old Dutchman is more than ever a man who needs to be watched and listened to carefully. At home in the Netherlands, his explosive theme of unrelenting hostility to Islam has built his xenophobic Party for Freedom, founded in 2005, into the country’s third-largest political party; across the Atlantic his message packs serious resonance in an American heartland still shaken by the 9/11 attacks. Wilders’s name and message have been invoked repeatedly in South Carolina and at least a dozen other state legislatures as they debate measures to ban an imagined threat: Islamic law.

So does he worry about the violence his rants could inspire? Wilders is a master at capitalizing on real fears and conjuring false ones—and then dodging responsibility if people’s lives are ruined or lost. “I am responsible for my own actions and for nobody else’s actions,” he says. In a wide-ranging interview at the offices of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, Wilders complained to Newsweek that the “naive” Obama administration wasn’t doing nearly enough to combat what Wilders regards as the Islamic threat. Expanding on his claims that the Quran should be banned, just as Mein Kampf has been in some countries, he said the United States should be “getting rid of Islamic symbols—no more mosques—and closing down Islamic schools.”

There’s no such thing as moderate Islam, Wilders insists, and he’s tired of hearing that radical Islam is something different from the mainstream faith. It means nothing to him that among Muslim believers there are many different sects and currents. “He makes no distinctions whatsoever,” says Robert Leiken, author of the just-published study Europe’s Angry Muslims. “He wants to throw out the whole Quran because of some things that are objectionable—but you could say the same thing about the Book of Joshua.” Wilders refuses to concede the point. In his view, those who follow the Quran are deluded or worse. “Totalitarian fascist ideology,” he calls it. “I have nothing against the people,” he says. “I have something against Islam.”

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3 thoughts on “Geert Wilders has something against Islam

  1. Dieter Heymann

    There are several reasons for the fact that Wilders’ party is the third largest in The Netherlands. Among these has been the now-abandoned assumption that immigrants from Turkey and other Muslim countries would quickly assimilate and become “Dutch Muslims”, different from Dutch Christians or Dutch Jews only by the temple in which they worship. With some exceptions that has not happened, especially among the “first generation”.
    Given the remarkable tolerance of the Dutch towards homosexuals (even Roman Catholic leading politicians have defied the Pope on this issue and on euthanasia too) it has come to them as a shock that the Muslim community by-and-large does not share their tolerance and there have already been several instances in which homosexual couples were harassed so badly that they had to move.

  2. Norman

    What I don’t understand about all this hate from the different sects, is what is the difference between them & the “NAZIS”? I might also ask what the difference is when the present Israeli settlers sprout their superior attitude that they are the chosen ones, while everyone else is not, which I take to mean that if there are how many billion humans populating the earth, that it’s fine with them if all were to die? 7 million vs x billion? Let’s hope that sanity returns to the fore, before Israel gets it way sacrificing humankind with their delusional belief that they are the chosen ones. Truth be known, they bring the wrath upon themselves and the innocent out of their own ignorance.

  3. dickerson3870

    FROM WIKIPEDIA: (excerpt)…[Geert] Wilders has acquired nicknames such as “Mozart” and “Captain Peroxide” because of his flamboyant platinum blond hairstyle.[30] Radio Netherlands calls him “the most famous bleach-blond since Marilyn Monroe”.[41]…SOURCE –

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