In his victory speech, Newt doubles down on racism, hints at anti-Semitism

Matthew Rothschild writes: Newt Gingrich must know he’s on to something. After being criticized as racist for calling Barack Obama the “food stamp President,” Gingrich kept on calling him that Saturday night after winning the South Carolina primary.

Gingrich said that though some of the elite media don’t like to hear it, “President Obama is the most effective food stamp President in American history.”

And he repeated the “food stamp” term two more times, including when he said: “If you want your children to have a life of dependency and food stamps, you have a candidate. It’s Barack Obama.”

Gingrich understands that this coded language helped him enormously in South Carolina, so he’s not discarding it. He’s doubling down on it.

And he’s throwing in hints of anti-Semitism along the way.

“The centerpiece of this campaign is American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky,” he said. And he repeated Saul Alinsky’s name two more times.

Now, not many people listening to that speech knew who Saul Alinsky was. (He was a community organizer who wrote several books, including Rules for Radicals.) But what they could easily figure out was that he’s some Jewish guy, someone not “American” like they are.

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One thought on “In his victory speech, Newt doubles down on racism, hints at anti-Semitism

  1. Sheldon

    I think Mathew Rothschild needs to pay more attention. Lots of people in that crowd have known who Saul Alinksy is for the past couple years because Tea Partiers have been talking about him in relation to Rules for Radicals and community organizing, and Obama. He was mainly forgotten on the genuine Left, until they brought him up.

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