One thought on “Video: Is it time to increase the pressure on Syria?

  1. BillVZ

    As with Iraq,Iran and no Syria the loudest voices for regime change often come from the exiles out side of the country. The Syrian panelist inside Syria had some points that needed to be heard but the moderator seemed bent on obfucationing his remarks,or so it seemed to me.

    For an excellent background to the the hype, warincontext readers might take a look at a more complete perspective from the asiatimes journalist Pepe Escobar:

    “There’s no way to understand this Western push for regime change in both Syria and Iran, and the trials and tribulations of the Arab Spring(s) – without a close look at the fatal attraction between Washington and the GCC. GCC stands for Gulf Cooperation Council,essentially the core of the empire in the Arab world; a the club of six wealthy Persian Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – UAE.
    While it’s essentially about oil and it is also the prime strategic US backyard for the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, for the long-drawn battle in the New Great Game in Eurasia, and also as the headquarters for “containing” Iran and who will control how fast the last of the planet’s oil gets used, and how much the rest of us have to pay for it, and who gets to direct the world’s transition to alternate energy sources.”
    Remember, Iran is not Arab, not Sunni and certainly not part of the GCC.The GCC strategy of regime change in Syria is the preferred way to weaken Iran, the Shite sect and the entire so-called Shi’ite crescent . The US-GCC fatal attraction
    By Pepe Escobar


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