2 thoughts on “Your body is a community of 100 trillion cells… 10 trillion of them are human

  1. DE Teodoru

    When Watson and Crick stole the DNA radiographs from a woman scientist, getting the Nobel Prize instead of her, God said: “Hey, I can’t let these bad boys figure out the essence of my secret, life. So he invented proteins and wrapped the DNA around 4 protein dimers (ie, twins) to form an eight protein spool. Soon we realized that the GENOMIC system we worked so hard to sequence, does contain the genes, but it takes changes in the tails of the 8 proteins making up each histone spool– and there are millions of these spools– to make genes, both REGULATORY ones and PROTEIN producing ones, accessible to those proteins needed to operate the copying of DNA and RNA and manifestation of gene proteins, as shown in the videos.

    Yes, it seems, God is ever throwing more proteins at this basic DNA system that every pupil knows by 5th grade, to mask the whole story and make the secret of life ever more incomprehensible. These cartoons may be cute, but they are THEORIES, not facts. So, take-home message is that if we want to cure “cancer” and other diseases– errors in various epigenetic and genetic systems that we need to understand to cure them– we had better stop our wars of HATE and our Wall Street bubbles of GREED, focusing instead ALL our resources on educating our kids into ethical scientists instead of patent-seeking “entrepreneurs, competing with eachother instead of collaborating. Electing a Republican President will only make these videos useless dead ends because they depict only the easy part. The HARD PART is still to be figured out. So if we want to live long and healthy we had better stop submitting to our primitive male-animal competitiveness, focusing instead on global collaborative research. Only then might God just get to like us again and allow us to learn his protenomic secrets.

  2. rosemerry

    Whoa! they did not steal the work of Rosalind Franklin; they used her photos which she shared with them,and Watson was very cavalier about her in his book. However, she died before the Nobel prize was awarded, and it can only go to living recipients, and that was not their fault.
    Crick had worked in proteins for years before Watson arrived in England to work on DNA with him. There is a good film, called in the USA the prosaic “Double Helix”, which gives a good idea.
    I have used models and students themselves moving them around, and it helps understand the complex chemistry quite well.

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