2 thoughts on “Video: Congress pushes Iran regime change over diplomacy

  1. Norman

    So, if I understand this right, the U.S. has painter itself into a corner with all the sanctions, is allowing Israel to supply the paint and the brush, will most likely attack Iran between now and the end of the year, leaving the U.S. to pick up the pieces! Comparing this present situation to the Vietnam War planning, as well as using the “Bay of Pigs” to show how Kennedy had painted the U.S. into a corner with no escape, doesn’t bode well for “O” serving out his term, be it the 1st or the 2nd. I wonder, who will be blamed for it if the same thing occurs?

  2. delia ruhe

    Obama’s fear of what the Lobby, with its access to all kinds of Jewish money and media access, could do to his re-election campaign has got him into this corner. Bibi will push as hard as he can to launch his assault on Iran before the election because he knows that Obama will not refuse to join him.

    If Obama stood up and said that it is simply against US anti-terrorism policy to assist any nation that employs terrorists (the MEK) to wage covert war, he would not only be telling the truth; he would also leave his pro-Zionist opponents without a leg to stand on and would probably win himself a lot more votes.

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