NYPD intelligence chief wanted spies in every mosque within 250 miles

The Associated Press reports: When a Danish newspaper published inflammatory cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in September 2005, Muslim communities around the world erupted in outrage. Violent mobs took to the streets in the Middle East. A Somali man even broke into the cartoonist’s house in Denmark with an ax.

In New York, thousands of miles away, it was a different story. At the Masjid Al-Falah in Queens, one leader condemned the cartoons but said Muslims should not to resort to violence. Speaking at the Masjid Dawudi mosque in Brooklyn, another called on Muslims to speak out against the cartoons, but peacefully.

The sermons, all protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, were reported back to the NYPD by the department’s network of mosque informants. They were compiled in police intelligence reports and summarized for Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Those documents offer the first glimpse of what the NYPD’s informants — known informally as “mosque crawlers” — gleaned from inside the houses of worship. And, along with hundreds of pages of other secret NYPD documents obtained by The Associated Press, they show police targeting mosques and their congregations with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations.

They did so in ways that brushed against — and civil rights lawyers say at times violated — a federal court order restricting how police can gather intelligence.

The NYPD Intelligence Division snapped pictures and collected license plate numbers of congregants as they arrived to pray. Police mounted cameras on light poles and aimed them at mosques. Plainclothes detectives mapped and photographed mosques and listed the ethnic makeup of those who prayed there.

“It seems horrible to me that the NYPD is treating an entire religious community as potential terrorists,” said civil rights lawyer Jethro Einstein, who reviewed some of the documents and is involved in a decades-old, class-action lawsuit against the police department for spying on protesters and political dissidents. The lawsuit is known as the Handschu case.

The documents provide a fuller picture of the NYPD’s unapologetic approach to protecting the city from terrorism. Einstein said he believes that at least one document, the summary of statements about the Danish cartoons, showed that the NYPD is not following a court order that prohibits police from compiling records on people who are simply exercising their First Amendment rights.

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  1. DE Teodoru says:

    I hear much reference to how a “JEWISH MAYOR” turned the NYPD into a private anti-Muslim army for scouring the territories far beyond his domain, guided by an on loan JEWISH CIA operative on the CIA payroll. Before invoking 9/11 as an excuse, one might recall the Mossad operatives jumping up and down with joy watching the World Trade Center Towers go down, positioned at the right time and the right place as if knowing when and what was happening. How did they know when to come for their front row seat on the other side of the Hudson River? Why did they cheer in joy? For what accomplishment did they congratulate eachother? The answers we’ll never know for, after holding them for a while, the FBI deported them to Israel as illegal immigrants.

    That matter the NYPD never touched. Had it done so it might have appreciated that what goes around comes around. For Bloomberg’s SECRET POLICE, ALL Muslims are suspect, whether proven innocent or guilty. That reminds of the Cheka policies of Trotsky (a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx): class enemies will invariably come to sabotage the state, so catch them BEFORE they decide to do something by prying into even the underwear of all bourgeois class enemies, snaring them with guile and deception, the ultimate art of a SECRET police. Of course, the Soviet Union then not the USA now, but who cares, this is Bloomberg’s “Hymee Town” and he can do whatever he wants so long as it is covered-up by lies and Constitutional violations.

    Can American Jews tolerate this? Can they tolerate the consequences? Why are they muffling their outrage in fear?

    Zionist neocons have fed the beast of anti-Semitism, this time applied to Muslim Semites. But once the beast is aroused and set in motion, it will not stop at that side of the Semitic divide and could easily slip to the other applying the “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” rule. Afterall, so far, no Muslim Jihadi terrorist in America has committed acts of terror in the name of a Muslim state; but, as so many European states can attest, Mossad agents have freely pried, broken into and killed in Western nations as a state agency of Israel. The shoe, therefore could very easily slip from the American Muslim SEMITIC foot to the American Jewish SEMITIC foot, given the bad appearance of buying up Republican presidential candidates for Israel so boisterously by the gambling mogul Adelson. There’s no firewall from one SEMITE victim to the other SEMITE victim. By protecting the rights of one, we protect those of the other; by violating the rights of one we INVARIABLY come to violate the rights of the other. It’s all concoctions of intent; no proof is needed as the alleged acts are all PREVENTED extra-judiciously!

    The point is that Zionism has NO RIGHT to push the anti-Semitism tsunami over the Islamic Community to the very border of the Jewish Community where it will just as easily in the future sweep up American Jews into the same maelstrom into which– by the hand of Mayor Bloomberg– it is now sweeping American Muslims in the NY area. But, of course, it is the Zionist creed that any Jew who insists on life in the Diaspora is a “parasite Jew” and, therefore, fomenting anti-Semitism in order to stampede that Diasporic “parasite” into Israel with all his wealth, seems quite justifiable per Zionist ideology, so often stated openly!

    We are not, therefore, just dealing with a Muslim Extremist Jihad but also a Zionist Extremist Jihad, except that– while the former has its eye on weakening America– the latter aims to corral all our fellow American Jews into Israel. Mayor Bloomberg, whose third term is unprecedented, owes us all– ESPECIALLY THE NY JEWISH COMMUNITY– an explanation (given all his numerous lies on this matter) as to whether he’s trying to set one anti-Semitic fire so that it may so spread as to force OUR Jewish countrymen to flee for Israel?