One thought on “Video: Is Wall Street sure to win 2012?

  1. peter brown

    When has a US election EVER been about democracy or the inclusion of issues which interest the american voters, let alone reflect the public’s views!? Of course such democratic notions get in the way of the elite’s thirst for money and power. God forbid that the needs of the commoners diverted funds away from the neoliberal pockets of the rich! Higher taxes and decent welfare and pensions? You must be joking buddy! Efficient Healthcare which wasn’t privatised or failed to charge exhorbitant fees to drug companies? Perish the thought! Decent Public Schools which allowed or promoted freedom to think outside the prescribed perameters… ? What an idea! The academic “freedom” to promote the status quo would be jeapordised! Its about time americans won a democratic voice in their own country before killing others abroad in order to deliver to other cultures the “freedoms” american enjoy!

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